KCCUK: Inspired by Nature

KCCUK Cosmetics exhibitionJust as London Fashion Week is coming to an end, the Korean Cultural Centre UK has prepared an exhibition to help all you fashionistas with withdrawal symptoms! BB creams are MASSIVE in East Asia, made big by the flawless skin of South Korean actresses. Originally invented in Europe for post surgery patients to cover up scars and help them heal, South Koreans saw the cosmetic benefits of this product and ran with it. BB creams in Asia offer complete and flawless coverage often with qualities that help improve uneven skin tones for that much coveted bright and flawless complexion. Since then, the West has also caught onto the BB cream craze. The UK caught on back in 2011 but still has some way to go as many of the European versions of BB cream are more like tinted moisturisers without the magical coverage that Asian BB creams provide.

With South Korea starting one of the biggest make up crazes of the century, everyone has started looking to the country of flawlessly beautiful actresses (and actors!) for beauty inspirations. In South Korea, looking good is not just for females; skincare is becoming a daily routine for everyone, male and female, much like brushing your teeth or hair is, as highlighted in our post about Men and BB cream. So it’s not surprising that UK weekly magazine Stylist looked to South Korea for some beauty tips, asking Okja Chung, Beauty Editor of Sure Korea for some tips on Skincare.

Stylist Magazine Okja ChungDescribed as an oracle on anti-aging, Chung talks about the South Korean beauty ethos; it’s all about youthful skin, keeping skin dehydration, wrinkles and discolouration at bay. Seoul is considered to be one of the driest cities in the world so one has to be very meticulous about their skincare to ensure they stay looking fabulous. Chung talks a bit about her skincare routine and also talks about the beauty habits of South Korean women. Interestingly, Chung says that most women in South Korea mist their face during the day to help stay moisterised, an imager very well demonstrated by BigBang’s Daesung (smell… smell…), but this is not very widely practiced in the UK with only a few brands offering face sprays. Many beauty fanatics would have no doubt heard about the new CC cream, said to be a strong contender to the BB cream, but Chung said that it’s pretty similar to the BB cream which was launched over a decade ago. So the CC cream will have to be truly innovative if it wants to steal the BB cream’s crown! In the article, Chung also lists her skincare essentials with a few tips: Kiehl’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser – “Foam can be harsh on skin but a gentle foaming cleanser is fine”, PhysioGel Hypoallergenic Lotion – “In winter time, I just change the lotion to a heavier creme formula” and the Giorgio Armani Masestro Complexion Perfector – “A small amount of this light foundation hides imperfrections”. If you want to read more, you can find the article on the Stylist website HERE.

With all this interest in Korean beauty, the KCC UK, together with the Coreana Cosmetics Museum brings us a fabulous new exhibition, titled Inspired by Nature, The Traditional Cosmetics of Korea. Here we get the chance to take a look at where all of South Korea’s beauty secrets started.

“From 19 February to 6 April 2013, the Exhibition Inspired by Nature, the Traditional Cosmetics of Korea features 150 handpicked traditional makeup tools and accessories from the largest collection of artifacts related to the history of Korean cosmetics and beauty culture. With exhibits dating from the Three Kingdoms period(57 BC- 668AD) to the early 20th century this exhibition offers the viewer a unique opportunity to sample Korea’s beautiful heritage. With the quest for beauty being an insatiable part of human nature, a nation’s cosmetic culture reveals how society has developed and changed overtime.”

“Covering all elements of the makeup routines of Traditional Korea, this exhibition offers a rare and intimate glimpse into traditional Korean life.”
~ Information credit to: London Korean Times

Cosmetics does not only refer to make up but decorating oneself, and with the beautiful attire we often see in period drama films, we can’t wait to see what this exhibition will bring! One thing that historical ladies did well were the amazing and complex hairstyles decorated with beautiful hair accessories that makes our scrunchies seem primitive. This exhibition will showcase various hair accessories as well as all the dressing table equipment such as mirrors and cosmetic containers. With such delicate hair accessories, we can only imagine that the packaging of traditional cosmetics were just as fancy. Displaying the amazing craftsmanship of traditional Korea, we’ll see an array of pots and containers on display featuring the recognisable white and blue porcelain style.

Some items on display at British Museum

During this exhibition you can also learn how the make up was produced and how the ingredients utilised. Made during a time where only natural materials were used without any preservatives, we’re sure it’ll be very interesting and even aid in some home made remedies! Inspired by Nature is set to be one of the most unique exhibitions to be held at the Korean Cultural Centre yet! We can’t wait! And if all this wasn’t enough, we hear there may be a public workshop programme where guests can create their own nature-inspired cosmetics and perfumes. So don’t miss out! The exhibition will be on from 19th February to 6th April 2013 at the KCC UK.


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