Kim So-ock at Cadogan Hall

Last month we all gathered at Cadogan Hall for a wonderful night of Opera and Pansori. Coming up on the 23rd March, renowned virtuoso violinist Kim So-ock will be taking to the Cadogan Hall stage and performing in the ‘Millfield at Cadogan’ concert. Millfield School is a well known independent school in the UK with a vast music programme and the ‘Millfield at Cadogan’ concert will be their musical highlight of the year. They’ve got Kim So-ock on board with the concert and her performances are sure to be stunning at the amazing Cadogan Hall venue.

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Kim So-ock has long since been a huge name in the classical world, beginning her prestigious career at just 15, when she was the youngest ever winner of the gold medal in the highly sought after Shell/LSO Competition. Continuing on in her domination of the violin world, she’s performed all over the globe in prestigious venues and with some of the best orchestras in the world such as the Royal Philharmonic, Orchestre Nationale de Montpellier and the Seoul Philharmonic. With such an impressive history behind her, it’s no wonder Millfield School wanted her to join them on stage!

Kim So-ock plays a violin made by the Stradivarius family which is believed to produce such an incredible sound quality that many have said that it has defied attempts to explain or equal it (quote source). With her talent and resume, it’s no wonder she’s been so popular and seen as one of the top violin players people are eager to see perform.

Her skills are sure to satisfy classical music lovers and if you are not a classical music lover (yet), we’re sure Kim So-ock’s mesmerising performances will get you hooked!

Kim so-ock will be performing at Cadogan Hall, a wonderful venue set in posh Sloane Square. It used to be a New Christian Science Church which was then purchased by Cadogan Estate who made connections with many renowned orchestras to make it into the venue it is today. We got to experience the wonderful acoustics of this venue during the KCC UK 5th Anniversary celebrations, and we expect the ‘Millfield at Cadogan’ concert to sound spectacular!

You can buy tickets from the Cadogan website here and find more about the Millfield concert too.

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