Seri’s Star Kitchen

As Korean language students, we are always looking for fun ways to practice and improve our Korean. We’ve written about Gurupop before, which is a brilliant way for international Kpop fans to get to know and interact with their idols, as well as exercising listening skills and picking up some new modern Korean phrases. During a lazy Sunday afternoon in-doors, we stumbled upon a new show available on YouTube!

Image credit to KBS

Image credit to KBS


Image credit to KBS

Seri’s Star Kitchen (세리의 스타키친) is a program that introduces and teaches viewers how to make traditional Korean foods with the help of Kpop stars. Seri (Myung Hyun-ji) is a star chef at Dubai’s Burj Arab Hotel and has a huge wealth of experience. Her dishes are always top notch and sure to please all! And of course, food and idols = instant winning combo!

The series started in August 2012 with U-Kiss cooking 10 different Korean dishes. Starring bi-lingual Kevin, Eli and AJ, the program began as an English speaking show, and served as a way for Korean and international fans to learn how to make some great dishes. Not only did we get to watch some great cooking and learn some tasty recipes, but the Seri and U-Kiss combo was one that was fun to watch, with jokes and banter galore.

Series 1 playlist with U-Kiss:

All episodes have been officially uploaded by KBS on the KBS World Youtube channel, so you’ll get good quality videos each time, and there’s no need to search through Google or YouTube as it’s all in one place for your convenience.

Series one with only U-Kiss finished in 2012, but we’ve got Series 2 which started this year. It takes on a different format this time starring a different number of Kpop artists. This time Chef Seri and the star interaction is in Korean, not English. However, don’t worry, it’s fully subtitled by KBS! In this new series you’ll see other members of U-Kiss being given a chance to cook as well as appearances from Afterschool and our very favourite Daniel from Dalmatian also pops up from time to time.

Seri's Star Kitchen - KBS World

Image credit to KBS

With the new series being in Korean, but still subbed, it’s a great way to learn new recipes as well as pick up some language and phrases. The range of recipes covered looks at well known dishes like bibimbap and pajeons, to less well known ones such as blue crab stew and spicy duck BBQ. As there’s a wide range of food covered, you’ll be trying out new recipes for weeks, and hopefully have been able to remember some handy cookery phrases!

Series 2 playlist:

Seri’s Star Kitchen is a lovely and fun program, suitable for all the family, and one that will hopefully teach you all about Korean food and language too. It’s made in an easy to follow format that’s simple and clear, and the recipes, although some ingredients may be hard to find in the UK, shouldn’t be too difficult to re-create yourself at home.

So if you have some time and want to learn something new and practice your Korean listening, this is a great and fun way to do it!

Image credit to KBS

Image credit to KBS

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