White Day 화이트데이

The 14th of March isn’t just another day in the calendar in South Korea, it’s the fun novelty holiday of White Day or 화이트데이. But what is this random sounding day you ask? No, it’s not a day where people come together to discuss their love of white colour tones like champagne white or sail white (yes, I actually did look these up, so descriptive!), but it’s a day of love and romance. You might think that this type of thing all happened last month when Valentine’s Day took place, but South Korea likes its romantic holidays, and actually has the 14th of each month marked down as a certain holiday that couples can indulge in.

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On Valentine’s Day in South Korea, or Red Day as it’s also known, it’s usually girls who give the boys something special. And by special, we mean chocolates. Girls will usually give chocolates out to male friends, but for that special someone, the chocolates may be hand made. You can read more about it here. In return, on White Day it’s the boys’ turn to get the gifts and give them to their crushes or partner. It’s said that reciprocated gifts to girls on White Day should be worth three times of what the girl gave on Red Day! Steep…..The usual presents that are expected are things such as sweets, jewellery etc, flowers, or dolls, but not chocolate. With bouquets of Chupa Chub lollipops being an example of a gift on White Day, picture an over the top, ribbons and hearts everywhere kind of set up to the day in general.

As this day was originally a marketing ploy by the National Confectionery Industry Association in 1978 as an way for men to repay women for gifts given on Valentine’s Day (aka make some more money from sales), obviously this holiday isn’t the most authentic one out there. However, it’s still a fun day and way for people to express feelings for each other. If all this over the top, sugary, lovey doveyness is too much for you to handle, not to worry, 14th of April is Black Day, a day for all the singles out there, so bide your time!

For those interested in what the other months hold on the 14th, here’s the list:
January 14th Diary Day, February 14th Valentine’s Day, March 14th White Day, April 14th Black Day, May 14th Rose Day, June 14th Kiss Day, July 14th Silver Day, August 14th Green Day, September 14th Photo Day, October 14th Wine Day, November 14th Movie Day, December 14th Hug Day. Go here for the explanations to each day.

As it’s near Easter in the UK, the shops are full of sweet things and suitable White Day gifts, so if guys do want to give a little something to their loved ones or crushes, there’s still time to pop down to your local supermarket and pick up something. Whatever you choose to do, have fun!

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Sources: Discovering Korea, Visit Korea, Wiki


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