Korea Rocks comes to the UK

From Korea Rocks FB page

From Korea Rocks FB page

Fans of music are in for a treat as from 24th April to May 4th ‘Korea Rocks’ is coming to our shores and playing seven dates around the UK! ‘Korea Rocks’ is a tour, sponsored by Hyundai Card Music, and is made up of four Korean indie bands; Galaxy Express, Apollo 18, Goonamguayeoridingstella/구남과여라이딩스텔라 and Gate Flowers. Hyundai Card Music have been championing Korean indie music for a while now, and now they have gone that extra mile and are bringing these great acts over to give us UK folk a taste of Korean indie music as it’s meant to be heard, live! ‘Korea Rocks’ is all about showcasing great talents from the Korean indie music scene and letting us know that there’s more to modern Korean music than just Kpop.

While K-pop continues to garner attention around the world, little is known about Korea’s indie music scene. Korea Rocks hopes to help change this by showing people that Korea has an indie scene that … well, to put it in the simplest terms, “Rocks!”

Korea Rocks will showcase some of the top talents in Korea’s indie music scene during a UK tour that will include appearances at the Focus Wales and Liverpool Sound City music festivals and club shows in Kent, London, and Manchester. Wristbands or tickets will be required for the festival shows at Focus Wales and Liverpool Sound City, but the Korea Rocks club gigs in Kent, London, and Manchester will be *free* concerts!

From the ‘Korea Rocks’ Facebook page

Yes, you read that right, all concerts are FREE! Amazing news! There will be a small online booking fee which varies from venue to venue, but nothing that will break the bank (for example for us London folk, each ticket incurs a 95p charge and then a one off postage fee of £1.90 for the whole order). Tour dates and locations are as follows, and to book tickets, follow the links to the tour venues websites. PLEASE NOTE some concerts are 18+ only.

April 24th: Kent, England at Tunbridge Wells Forum 
April 26th: Wrexham, Wales at The Bank (Focus Wales)
April 27th: Wrexham, Wales at Yales Café Bar (Focus Wales)
April 28th: London, England at Barfly
May 1st: Manchester, England at Night & Day Café
May 3rd: Liverpool, England at Studio 2 (Liverpool Sound City)
May 4th: Liverpool, England at Kazimier Gardens (Liverpool Sound City)

Image from Korea Rocks FB page

Image from Korea Rocks FB page

So who will we be seeing soon? Let’s take a look!

Galaxy Express (Official PageFacebook, Twitter)

Galaxy Express describe themselves as “a high octane, runaway bullet train, Korea’s Galaxy Express is a scintillating tour de force trio that wildly whiplashes audiences with a centrifugal forging of raw, sweaty, psychedelic rock n roll“. Made up of Lee Ju-hyun on bass and vocals, Park Jong-hyun on guitar and vocals and Kim Hee-kwon on drums, this group is sure to entertain all and get the crowds going.

Goonamguayeoridingstella/구남과여라이딩스텔라 (Official PageFacebook, Twitter, Other Twitter)

This duo is made up of Jo Woong on guitar and vocals and Lim Byung-hak on bass and chorus. They’ve been around since 2007, creating their own brand of unique music, mixing styles and genres to create music that’s led to them being described as a “groovy psychedelic soul/pop act“. Sure to bring something totally different to the stage, they’re ones not to miss.

Apollo 18 (Official PageFacebookTwitter)

This is another three piece group with Kim Dae-inn on bass, Choi Hyun-seok on guitar and Lee Sang-yun on drums. The type of music they play falls into the post hardcore/post-rock act area and they are big in Korea’s underground rock scene. Describing themselves, Choi Hyun-seok said that “in my heart there is loud music, in Dae-inn’s heart there is loud music too, so what we are creating as Apollo 18 is the best sound for us”, and this loud sound they’ve created together has earned them a bold sound and loyal fans.

Gate Flowers (Official PageFacebookTwitterYoutube)

This four member band, consisting of Park Geun-hong on vocals, Yeom Seung-sik on guitar, Yang Jong-eun on drums and Yoo Jae-in on bass, make up an alt-rock group with a slight blues edge that is sure to deliver a live performance that will not be forgotten. Ever since appearing on KBS’ ‘Top Band’ they’ve had a loyal fan base and are sure to win audiences over here too with their “honest but rough” sound.

We’re sure the bands are all excited to be coming to play in the UK, the home of the bands with the two final stops at Liverpool! ‘Korea Rocks’ is sure to be an electrifying event, and as there are multiple dates across the UK taking place, people everywhere will be able to enjoy a great and refreshing night of Korean indie and rock music for free! Don’t hesitate and get your tickets now to be able to experience first hand some amazing live bands from South Korea. A great night for hardcore Korea indie music lovers and the uninitiated alike, don’t miss out, turn up to rock out!

Sources: Korea Rocks Facebook, Korean Indie, Asia One


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