Seoul Bakery Review

Seoul Bakery London Korean Food

If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter you may have seen us post about our many kimbap takeaways from Seoul Bakery. Seoul Bakery is one of the most popular Korean restaurants in London with constant queues, so we swung by early one weekend to get the dine in experience before the weekend rush.

Seoul Bakery :

55 St Giles High Street
London WC2H 8LH

Mon-Sun 12:00 – 23:00

Please note this restaurant is very small. Be prepared to queue and wait for tables and takeaway during peak times! Also, this is usually a cash only restaurant, so stop by a cash machine before you go.

London Seoul Bakery

Seoul Bakery is very popular with the younger crowds because of it’s unique decor and possibly most importantly because it was once visited by Super Junior’s Siwon and SHINee, whose signatures now adorn the walls, making this place a famous little London Kpop landmark. Stepping inside, you’re instantly greeted with messages of love and support for this cute little restaurant including numerous declarations of love for every single Kpop band you can think of. All over the restaurant’s walls, messages from diners fill each and every inch of space and when they ran out of wall space, people started sticking up post-it notes. Messages are from all over the world, with one section by the stairs seemingly dedicated to EXO!

But be warned, this restaurant is seriously small and you will get very cosy with other diners.  There is a table of 6, table of 4 and a counter space for 3. This is not really a place to sit down and sip a coffee as you catch up with long lost friends. The atmosphere is buzzing and during peak times, you’ll have queueing diners breathing down your neck waiting for you to leave.


Another main reason as to why Seoul Bakery is so popular and in demand is because it’s the ultimate definition of cheap and cheerful. The menu is very simple and basic. It’s like a fast food cafe, it has your ramyun, bibimbap, pajeons and most importantly, freshly made kimbap costing between £2.50 to £3.50. Seoul Bakery was the original source for kimbap in Central London and still remains our favourite place to visit when we have a craving to satisfy! Seoul Bakery has all the Korean basics for bargain prices, including super cheap meal sets which include a drink. To keep prices this cheap, you will have to sacrifice a bit of comfort and unlike other Korean restaurants, you will have to order and pay for side dishes if you want them, but everything is inexpensive.

ice green tea latte London Korean Seoul BakeryWe ordered our food: a kimchi fried rice with cheese, rabokki and of course 2 servings of beef kimbap, which Seoul Bakery called sushi rolls. We also want to recommend the ice green tea latte, a drink popular in Asia but rarely available here in the UK. We were given our chopsticks and spoons and we awaited our food. Service really varies at Seoul Bakery, it’s usually very hit or miss.

20130329_124452The rabokki came first and I dug in. For me this is the perfect spicy level, maybe a bit too spicy for the very wimpy, but definitely won’t be hot enough for all those looking for a spice kick. There was ramyun, tteok (rice cakes), Korean fish cakes and an egg, a nice portion size which won’t leave you hungry. After a while one of our kimbap orders turned up looking fabulous and well presented. But then moments later, our second serving turned up, looking less fabulous but tasty nonetheless. For all those who are not sure what kimbap is, it’s basically a Korean style sushi roll, mainly featuring seasoned vegetables with versions containing kimchi or beef bulgogi and other meats. We love kimbap and have tasted many but we have yet to find somewhere that beats Seoul Bakery.


As I come to the end of my rabokki, our kimchi fried rice with cheese had still not turned up… We had to approach the counter to ask and only then did they realise they left it in the microwave. This was swiftly re-microwaved and delivered to us at our table. Being very hungry, the rice was quickly mixed up and eaten so we don’t have a photo, but it’s basically two cheese slices placed on top of a normal kimchi fried rice and melted in the microwave. The fried rice was delicious and a lot better than it looked. Very tasty with a little spicy kick from the kimchi. We’ll definitely order it again.

Overall : Seoul Bakery is cheap and delicious. They have all the basic Korean dishes at inexpensive prices so perfect for all those new to Korean food. It’s definitely good for a quick bite to eat, but you get what you pay for in terms of service. Personally we find it quite awkward to be sat so close next to strangers when eating and even more awkward when you have to squeeze past to exit, but you really can’t fault their food and amazing prices. We mostly pop in for takeaways which can result in very, very long waits during busy times but until a worthy kimbap establishment pops up in London, we’ll continue visiting Seoul Bakery for our cravings.

Overall we give this place a GOOD 좋다! But it’s definitely not for everyone!

Good star

Seoul Bakery also sells snacks and merchandise such as socks with a Kpop store that opens downstairs every Sunday from 4-8pm.


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  1. I have never seen that rabokki before, is it new on the menu? I haven’t been there since last year. Nice review by the way!

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