The Sun Newspaper explores North & South Korea

North Korea South Korea The Sun Newspaper April 2013

On Sunday in British newspaper The Sun, there was an interesting article about Korea. Pointing out the slight similarity between the most famous South Korean person and the most famous North Korean person, The Sun writes about both sides of the divided country that is Korea. After the controversy caused by the BBC documentary a few weeks ago, this article suggest a slightly less restricted but nonetheless controlled way to get a glimpse of North Korea by visiting the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ).

Here the journalist writes about his trip to the DMZ from South Korea. The article is short but gives quite a few interesting details about a DMZ tour such as not being allowed to wave or giggle and signing acknowledgements that you understand there is a “possibility of injury or death as a direct result of enemy action“. The journalist also writes about the surrounding areas and the atmosphere around this zone, a stark contrast from the South Korean Capital of Seoul.


With PSY escalating South Korea into the limelight, many now know Seoul as a lit up hi-tech metropolis, but here the article brings it back to basics and reminds us of the more traditional side of South Korea that should be explored. This article highlights some of our personal favourites of South Korea such as visiting the magnificent Gyeongbokgung to see Korea’s rich heritage, or popping up Seoul Tower to see the brightly lit capital as it is now. It also suggests other traditions for the brave and adventurous to try out such as visiting a mogyoktang (bath house).

Seoul Namsan Tower Night view

The Sun even talks about how there is more to South Korea than Kpop and proposes visiting the Seoul Arts Centre to experience a different side to Korean music. Although we’re not sure if “Do you know Gangnam Style?” has become THE thing for South Koreans to ask Western visitors, as the article suggests. It was really refreshing to see a different type of article about Korea in the newspapers. Big up to The Sun for bringing a more accurate view of South Korea to the British public. You can check out Sunday’s article HERE.

If you are planning on visiting South Korea, we also highly suggest walking along Cheonggyecheon and visiting a adorable Cat Cafe! If you have time, why not escape the capital and visit other awesome cities of South Korea such as Jeonju and possibly our favourite place in the world, Seonyudo.

Currently there are three airlines that fly direct from London Heathrow to South Korea, Incheon Airport which has been repeatedly voted best airport in the world:

  • Asiana Airways – You can read our experience flying with them HERE
  • Air Korea
  • And now British Airways has introduce direct flights to South Korea

Asiana Airlines flight


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