KCCUK’s “The K-Music Festival 2013” – June 14th to June 21st

K-Music Festival 2013The unpredictable British weather may be confusing but The Korean Cultural Centre UK has planned something amazing to help us get the Summer’s festivities started! The KCC in London is holding a spectacular music festival in June to celebrate 130 years of friendship between the UK and Korea. From June 14th until June 21st, the “K-Music Festival 2013” will see a wide range of Korean music, from traditional and classic to rock, gracing London’s stages to help kick start the summer! The Festival aims to “delve beyond the recent K-Pop successes, [offering] a broader, bigger picture of Korean music; both innovative and traditional – respectful of the past whilst pushing boundaries” (source). With some huge names in Korean music coming over to perform especially for this event, this Festival promises to pull in and wow the crowds.

The Line up….

8pm Friday 14th June at The Barbican: The National Orchestra of Korea

The National Orchestra of Korea will be opening the “K-Music Festival 2013” and this opening performance will also mark the National Orchestra’s debut performance in London! Founded in 1995, this Orchestra was Government established and aims to “globalise and popularise Korean music by creating new national music based on diverse musical achievements over the past 10 years. In particular, playing modified Korean instruments and new creations combining Korean classical music with western music enabling Korean music to become more globally widespread” (source). Combining traditional and modern, and East and West, this Orchestra will appeal to all classical music lovers; it’ll definitely be a rare and epic music experience.

Tickets for this performance can be purchased here, and are priced between £10-£25 + booking fees.

7:30pm Sunday 16th June at Scala: Uhuhboo Project and Pere Ubu

Now for something completely different, utterly unique, avant garde and eclectic. The Uhuhboo Project will take to the trendy Scala stage to perform their brand of Korean indie. Their live performances mix indie sounds with amazing stage presence for fun times. This will be a great gig for all those looking to discover something less mainstream as you get the chance to discover bands and music genres in Korea that have not had much global exposure. The Uhuhboo Project looks pretty cool and with the cool Scala venue, it’ll be a fun night so don’t forget to bring all your friends! The Uhuhboo Project will also be joined by Pere Ubu, a rock group from Ohio; a collaboration not to be missed!

You can buy tickets from here, which are priced at £15 + booking fees.

7:30pm Wednesday 19th June at Cadogan Hall: Geomungo Factory

Geomungo Factory is made up of four performers, each inspired by the traditional instrument geomungo. Geomungo Factory live by the motto of “developing traditional elements while continuously innovating” (source) and will be giving audiences a taste of traditional music with a special spin. They have continuously impressed audiences all over the world with their innovative yet traditionally-rooted music. Composing their own music, style and even instruments, their refreshing and unique performances are sure to please people of all music preferences. These four performers are guaranteed to entertain and sure to sell out quickly so make sure you get your tickets now!

Tickets can be bought here and are £15 + booking fees.

7pm Thursday 20th June at Scala: Yi Sung-yol + Kiha & the Faces

Time for some awesome performers in the Korean indie and underground music scene! Yi Sung-yol is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who’s been on the music scene since ’94. He’s been performing as a solo artist since ’03, combining elements of rock, modern rock and alternative rock, creating something for all those who love a bit of chill out grown up rock and roll. Yi Sung-yol is a charismatic performer whose music should definitely be experienced live!

If you are experiencing a bit of Korean hippy chic withdrawal symptoms after Korea Rocks and the departure of the fabulous Goonam then Jang Kiha and the Faces might be able to fill that void. Performing alongside Yi Sung-yol at Scala, Jang Kiha and the Faces is a band with big following. Jang Ki-ha is actually a person in the band and “the name of the band, Jang Kiha and the Faces, comes from the nickname Jang picked up as the “best-looking of the indie scene” — hence the “faces.” Jang sings vocals, plays guitar and percussion, and writes the songs. “The Faces” all sing in the chorus” (source). With great stage presence, handsome faces and lively quirky songs that are sure to be addictive, it’ll be rude not to go! You’ll be seeing two acts for the price of one and it will no doubt get you into the Friday mood and ready for the weekend!

Tickets for the Scala performances of Jang Kiha and the Faces and Yi Sung-yol can be bought here for £15 + booking fees.

7:30pm Friday 21st June at Cadogan Hall: Pansori Night – Ahn Sook-Sun

Closing off the “K-Music Festival 2013” will be a special night of Pansori featuring the world-famous Ahn Sook-sun. Pansori is one of Korea’s music legacies and has to be seen live to be truly experienced. Pansori is a beautiful form of Korean Opera that always builds up an exhilarating atmosphere; this kinda experience cannot be replicated at home. As UK folks, we rarely get the chance to see Pansori live and here we get the chance to see Ahn Sook-sun perform! Getting Ahn Sook-sun to perform in London is a big deal, she’s a mega star in the Pansori world and it’s a real coo to have her performing. Getting to see her in London is a once-only event, so for fans of Pansori this is an unmissable event, and for those who aren’t so well-acquainted with this musical genre, there’s really no better place to start than here! A perfect end to the Festival.

Tickets for this Pansori act can be purchased from here and are £15 + booking fee.

This K-Music Festival is sure to be an amazing event and provides opportunities for those in the UK to experience an array of Korean music from some big names. More information about venues, acts and tickets can be found here and on the KCC UK website.


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