Namsan Tower Teddy Bear Museum

Teddy Bear Museum 1

Teddy Bear Guard welcomes you to N Seoul Tower

For anyone planning a trip to the infamous N Tower in Seoul, aka Namsan Tower, the Teddy Bear Museum is a must! Located next to the famous wall covered in “locks of dedication” atop Namsan mountain, the Teddy Bear Museum gives you an unique way of looking at the history of Seoul as it uses teddy bears to narrate the story of South Korea’s capital from past, present to future.

Teddy Bear Museum 15

Portraying Seoul’s history from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), the bears show a small portion of what life was like  inside and out of palace grounds. No expense was spared when setting up the displays as all the bears are dressed in fine traditional clothing of the era. A lot of attention to detail is put into each bear’s positioning and their “role” in the story. They are all posed so convincingly that you would think they were actually performing the tasks, but like in Toy Story, they all stopped mid-motion when humans entered the building. The noble women bears even had miniature wigs with the classic wrap around plait!

Teddy Bear Museum 11

A poor little teddy bear is being scorned for dropping a tray of food amidst the bustling palace life

Stepping into the museum, you are transported into a mysterious little world where tiny pockets of Seoul’s history illuminate a path for you as you navigate back into present day South Korea. Possibly the most fun and adorable way to learn history!

The Teddy Bear Museum also features little models of other major tourist attractions in Seoul such as Cheonggyecheon, Myeongdong, Dongdaemun and Insadong, which makes it a great first stop for all those holidaying in South Korea as it gives you a nice preview for what Seoul has to offer.


The N Seoul Tower Teddy Bear Museum is open 10am to 10pm.
Directions can be found via this link here

Tickets for the Teddy Bear museum can be purchased opposite the entrance at ₩8000 for adults (19+), ₩6000 for teenagers (14-18) and ₩5000 for children (13 or younger). Or if you want the Observatory Package (Teddy Bear Museum and N Seoul Tower Observatory) it’s ₩12000 for adults, ₩8000 for teenagers and ₩6000 for children.


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