Fashion inspirations from Dongdaemun

Korean Fashion Look Magazine UK 3

British publication LOOK Magazine has highlighted South Korea in their International Fashion Issue by featuring an article about how many UK fashion buyers are flocking to South Korea. LOOK Magazine explores Dongdaemun and its bustling fashion scene. With shutters that only close at 5am in the morning, this famous shopping hub in Seoul sees over 2 million visitors a year!

Korean Fashion Look Magazine UK 2LOOK writes about how some British favourites such as Topshop, New Look, and ASOS are introducing concession lines who are travelling to Dongdaemun for their fashion inspiration. One of Topshop’s concession sales managers says that: “We’ve been trend-spotting all over the world and what’s doing well right now is a sort of Korean hipster look, similar to the kids we saw in the Dongdaemun markets about six months ago“. We at Korean Class MASSIVE love the Korean hipster fashions. They mix and match and clash so well, and even when dressed in casual wear they look effortlessly stylish, so it’s no surprise that designers are especially looking to Korean markets for street wear and casual looks.

Korean Fashion Look Magazine UK 4

This popularity has in-turn led to the Dongdaemun area being expanded and developed. Before we went to South Korea last year, quite a few people warned us that Dongdaemun was your typical aggressive haggling touristy market. But Dongdaemun has really upped its game with the Doota shopping centre, which is more like Tokyo’s trendy Shibuya 109 than scary overwhelming marketplace. With a ban on bartering, Doota provides a much more pleasant no-pressure shopping experience with low prices. Although if you love a good haggle, Migliore has kept it old-skool market style.

Korean Fashion Look Magazine UK 5

Dongdaemun has been called a “hotbed of inspiration for the world over” and stylists say that this could be because of the K-pop culture where idols are paying extra attention to their fashions as they appear on TV and with their “comeback concepts” every opportunity is a chance to become a much coveted style icon. Stylist Sarah Kate Watson-Baik says “with more and more Westerners looking to K-pop style and Korean street style for inspiration, of course the UK’s high street brands will be affected by those trends”. So it looks like we’re all about to get fabulously hipster in the UK!

Korean Fashion Look Magazine UK 6

LOOK magazine is on sale now and this International Fashion issue is on sale to 27th May 2013! So pick up your copy now to read up on some Korean fashions!


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