Kpop Dance Contest 2013: UK Round Results

Yesterday saw the JYP auditions and Cover Dance Contest happening at the Korean Cultural Centre (along with our weekly Korean class amongst all the choas). Lots of people turned up to audition for JYP from early on in the morning, along with 20 dance acts rehearsing and practising for the Dance Contest in the afternoon. Some had even travelled from France!

We hope everyone had a good audition yesterday and didn’t let the nerves get the better of you! We spotted a few auditionees filming extra footage for the JYP team, so things looked very positive for UK hopefuls! Hopefully we’ll see some British talent debuting from the JYP camp soon!

Many people also turned up for the Cover Dance Contest. It was really amazing to see so many people in the UK with such a passion for dance, particularly Kpop dance! The preparations were intense, the costumes looked amazing and the atmosphere was absolutely buzzing! Unfortunately the contest wasn’t actually a show where people could sit in and watch but we got to watch our friends, the LoKos, perform along with the very enthusiastic Incognito who were practising non-stop and even performing a bit of VIXX’s Hyde (KCM APPROVES!).

It was very nerve-racking and we weren’t even the ones performing! MASSIVE kudos to all 20 brave acts who took part! You have our full admiration. When the LoKos stepped up for their performance in front of the Dance Contest judges, the LoKo team’s fans packed out the hall and we can assure the judges that none of us received payment for our appearances. Although if the LoKo team wants to buy us all a round of bubble tea we wouldn’t say no… The LoKos performed to smiling judges who even started taking out their iPads to film! Team Incognito were enthusiastic from start to finish, they are a hilariously charismatic duo who performed an epic medley which included EXO’s Two Moons; obviously boys of fine taste.

When all 20 acts had performed in front of the judges it was a nervous wait for the results. Only the contestants were allowed to go into the hall to hear the results, but like the ninjas that we are, we hovered around to listen in and were very happy to hear the announcement of Team number 8! Lucky number yo! LoKo!

Loko London Kpop dance cover winners 3

Everyone looked amazing and we want to say a very, very MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to the LoKos. They have worked hard with their regular Kpop dance workshops in London as well as spreading the love of Kpop everywhere from flashmobs to Channel 4! Screams rocked through the Korean Cultural Centre when the LoKo’s win was announced and now they all get to fly to South Korea to compete for a chance to perform on stage! We hope you’ve all stopped crying now and Deanna’s brain functions have returned to normal! And good on you Mama LoKo for being so amazing.

London Kpop cover dance contest


If this has inspired you to start dancing but don’t know where to start, why not attend the LoKo’s next Kpop dance workshop on 22rd June 2013! Make sure you subscribe to the LoKo’s Facebook page and check out the event details here.


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