Hyoyeon for Topshop

Iconic British fashion brand Topshop has recently opened it’s first Hong Kong store and was greeted with endless queues on its first day as well as one very very familiar face, Hyoyeon! Korean girl group SNSD’s Hyoyeon was selected as the ambassador of the Hong Kong branch and now she’s been featured on the Topshop website!

Topshop Hyoyeon

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During the earlier years of SNSD, Hyoyeon was the one in charge of the wacky and daring hairstyles. As SNSD matured, we’re now seeing a more sophisticated and mature style from the girls. Hyoyeon’s style is simple and stylish with a funky edge, but she hasn’t lost her wacky personality!

Here Topshop has collected her picks of the season to help you get the Hyoyeon look! Hyoyeon’s personal style is very different from her usual stage get-up, especially when compared to the fashion from their last Korean single. Far from bright and girlie, her style is more classic and clean cut. We love the bold monotone block prints and all pieces feature that cool funky Hyoyeon edginess. This is very much the signature simple and effortless Korean style!

SNSD hyoyeon fashionEven though Hyoyeon is the Hong Kong branch ambassador, don’t worry! All her pieces are available in the UK stores along with the UK website, which is currently offering free delivery for all orders over £30! Make sure you check out all of Hyoyeon’s fashion picks here.

With many UK fashion houses looking to South Korea for fashion inspiration, as highlighted in Look Magazine, could we see an Asian invasion on the UK fashion front soon? Which K-pop idols do you want to see collaborate with our British high street? Will we see people donning wolf hoodies soon? We personally wouldn’t mind if the British male population started dressing more like VIXX…


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