Hallyu UK presents SHINee World 2012

Shinee London poster

Currently we have the very exciting K-Music Festival happening in London featuring some amazing acts but it’s definitely lacking in the K-pop department. But never fear UK Kpop fans, fellow UK-based website Hallyu UK whom we met back at the HMV Flash mob currently have a very special on-going project!

Although labels are finally starting to send their artists to the UK to perform, it’s still a slow and uphill process so we thought that it would be beneficial to put on an event where people can not only watch their idols in widescreen, spectacular cinema glory but can also meet other people who have the same interest. Whether it be a general love for Kpop or a love for a particular Kpop group – Hallyu UK

They’ve already brought the Queens of Cool 2NE1 to UK fans via a very special cinema screening and now they are bringing UK’s original favourite boyband SHINee to our cinema screens! Wednesday 26th June sees Hallyu UK bring SHINee World 2012 – The First Japan Arena Tour to the HMV Curzon big screen for UK Kpop fans! You’ll be able to watch SHINee’s energetic and vibrant concert with fellow SHINee fans in your very own private cinema. This is an amazing chance for UK fans to break away from their computer screens, no more waiting for HD quality to load. You can sit back, relax and witness SHINee on the big screen with popcorn.

With the exam period coming to an end and Summer finally upon us (sort of) this is a great way for K-pop fans to chill out and celebrate the holidays. It’s also a great event to make many new friends who share a mutual passion: K-pop! The Hallyu UK team are very friendly, so don’t worry if you don’t have any K-pop fan friends to go with.

Our first screening was 2NE1’s “New Evolution in Seoul” and that went swimmingly well. We had a great turnout, with people even coming alone and making friends at the event… We had a great turnout and everybody was incredibly enthusiastic and cheering, waving lightsticks and even dancing in the background! It was definitely a fun event for all and we (Hallyu UK, ukYGqueens and attendees) even recorded a message for 2NE1’s anniversary which we passed onto the girls themselves – Hallyu UK

2NE1 cinema concert London Hallyu uk

One of the main aims of Hallyu UK is to not only bring the UK Kpop community closer together but also give back to the community; bringing Korea closer to you. The team has worked hard to make these screenings happen, performing research to see who the UK wanted to see, scouting convenient locations and doing everything they can to ensure prices are kept low and affordable, costing the price of your average cinema ticket in London (if not cheaper!). But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Hallyu UK.

We get the permission to screen the concerts and feedback to the labels about how the event went and executives are always eager to hear that people were really enthusiastic and we’ve even been told that this could be the next step to actually getting more Kpop concerts. So, we really encourage people to support the screenings if they want to see these artists in person!

So what are you waiting for! Show some support and make sure you don’t miss out on their second screening where you can see the 5 enigmatic boys of K-pop super boyband SHINee in HIGH DEFINITION QUALITY! As fellow K-pop fans I’m sure we’ll all appreciate the extra clear image. We remember watching BigBang videos in 240p on YouTube, oh how times have changed…


When: Wednesday 26th June
Time: 4PM to 6PM
Where: HMV Curzon Wimbledon (Wimbledon underground station)
What: SHINee The First Japan Arena Tour “SHINee WORLD 2012″
Price: £10+booking fee  (£13 on the door)

For more detailed info and how to book visit Hallyu UK’s page.

Shinee world screening London Hallyu uk

It’s amazing to see a fellow UK publication working hard to give something back to the UK K-pop community and working proactively to try and get us some idol action. The Hallyu UK team has been working really hard to make this happen and keep it going. Hallyu UK has managed to get the entertainment companies interested, securing more future screenings and as the positive feedback for the screenings grow, hopefully the real thing will come and visit us in person soon!!! If you’re a K-pop fan, make sure you show Hallyu UK  some support! Their next screening is sure to be a popular one:

We’ve reported back to YG Entertainment about how successful the [2NE1] screening was and we’ve been given permission to screen more concerts, one of which is BIGBANG’s 1st ever concert, the elusive “The Real” which is notoriously difficult to find only. So we’ll be screening that next month! And hopefully we’ll have some goodies to give away then too!

This is just the beginning of K-pop concert screenings in London, Hallyu UK have many events planned for the rest of the year and here’s what you have to look forward to:

We have a number of concert screenings planned and booked up until December, from screenings of DBSK’s concerts (from when they were a 5), FT Island, Super Junior, and a lot more. We’re also going to start screening films too such as 71 Into the Fire and will also start holding Kpop parties, which will be aimed at all ages.

Put June 26th in your diaries now and make sure you subscribe to Hallyu UK’s Facebook page to keep up to date on all their exciting upcoming events! What would you like to see on the big screen? We wish the hard-working Hallyu UK team all the best with it’s upcoming project and screening!


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