Cooking Competition: K-Food World Festival

Calling all Korean food fanatics! Are you a master-chef in the kitchen? Can you whip up a tasty meal with just a tin of beans and stale bread? Do you know your way around a tub of gochujang? Then The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in London has the perfect competition for you!  This July, as part of a Korean cooking competition organised by the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and broadcaster MBC, you could be in with the chance of putting your culinary skills to the test with a Grand Final in Seoul! That’s right, it’s time for K-Food World Festival competition!

Food Comp

Korean food is fast becoming the hip and happening cuisine of London with new restaurants and Korean concept food stalls constantly popping up. The very traditional staple of Korean cuisine kimchi is being added to anything and everything from tacos and burgers to mac ‘n’ cheese!

In this Korean food cooking competition we’ll see 10 countries taking part in qualifying rounds (Australia, Belgium, China, Egypt, France, Mexico, Japan, UK, USA, Uzbekistan), demonstrating their skills in Korean cuisine, with the winners of each country then going on to compete in the Seoul final. The final will be broadcast by MBC in September, so this is a perfect opportunity for those who are adept in the ways of a Korean kitchen to show their skills to the world. And also to represent Britain and show everyone we’re not just good at fish and chips and fry ups!

Competition Details

How Not To Make Kimbap

Contest Schedule:

● Closing date for the submission of entry forms: EXTENDED to 11th July 2013

● Announcement of 5 successful UK contestants: 12th July 2013

● K-Food World Festival UK (live cooking contest in London): 20th July 2013

● K-Food World Final in Korea: 16th August 2013

How to enter and what happens:

● Make a video of yourself cooking a Korean recipe of your choice. The video must be no longer than 10 minutes. (Full details of what should be in the video are on the Festival guidelines, which you can download below.)

● You will then need to upload your video to your personal Youtube channel and put the url of your video in your entry form. Please note that by submitting your video, you consent to giving the Embassy permission to re-upload the video on their YouTube channel (ROKEmbassyUK).

● Entry forms must be sent to by midnight Thursday 11th July 2013.

● 5 successful contestants will then be invited to the Central Street Cookery School in London for the live cooking contest on Saturday 20th July. The successful 5 will have to cook a dish chosen by the Festival judges.

● The winning UK cook will then go off to Seoul for the Grand Finals!

Seri's Star Kitchen - KBS World

UKiss cooking on Seri’s Star Kitchen

Detailed Guidelines (All forms must be completed to enter!)

● You can download the K-World Festival Guidelines here: K-Food World Festival Guidelines – UPDATED

● You can download the entry form here: Entry Form (Please note: This competition is not open to overseas Korean nationals. It’s also over 18s only. Full details of who can enter can be seen on the Festival guidelines.)

● You can download the Consent and Release Agreements form here: Consent and Release Agreements (This form must be filled, signed and sent along with your entry form)

If you have any further questions about the application you can email:

Restaurant Review: Assa (Centre Point)

Please note that if you win the UK round you will be expected to fly to South Korea from 12th August to 17th August to participate in the Grand Final so please ensure you are available on these dates! The UK finalist will not only get an all expenses paid trip to South Korea to compete in the final, but also gets a chance to win US $10,000 should you be winner of the Grand Final in Seoul. That’s around £6500! Awesome!

Even if you don’t make it to the final round in Seoul, there are some pretty cool runner up prizes up for grabs! Such as: Cuckoo rice cooker, 2 Korean restaurant vouchers and a hamper of Korean cooking utensils and ingredients.

This is what we’d try to re-create at home if we had a Cuckoo rice cooker, and strongly advise whoever wins this to channel their inner Won Bin whenever cooking rice too.

잘 했어 indeed Won Bin…

The UK is a country that’s fanatic about their cooking shows from Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook or Masterchef to the super popular Great British Bake Off. This will be your chance to have a go yourself as this Festival will be covered by MBC! With many Korean ingredients making their way into British supermarkets such as Tescos and Morrisons, we’re sure there are many Korean food fanatics in the UK! This competition will be a fun way to get involved in Korean cuisine.

Good luck to all those entering!

If you want to try your hand at winning a trip to South Korea but are banned from the kitchen for your own safety, don’t forget that the Korean embassy also has a very special Korea Quiz competition! With pretty much the same format, applicants will have a chance to win a trip to South Korea to participate in the Final round in Seoul. So if you’re more Mastermind than Masterchef, make sure you check it out the details HERE! Please note deadline for applications is 30th JUNE 2013!


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