Jay Park finally coming to the UK!

Jay Park… How do we begin to explain Jay Park?
Jay Park is flawless.
We hear his abs are insured for $10,000.
We hear he’s on Saturday Night Live… in Korea.
His favourite movie is Porn
One time he met Will Smith…
And he told him to do a song for his film After Earth
One time he was given 70gb of porn on Idol army…
It was awesome
-quote, us, 2013

News has been floating around for a long time now about rumoured Jay Park UK visits, with even the star himself saying he wanted to visit us in the UK from as early as June 2012. Many have anticipated and longed for his UK visit and now it’s all official, we can rejoice as JAY PARK WILL BE COMING TO THE UK!

Jay Park poster

From Jay Park’s instagram

Jay Park European Tour UK Germany Holland 2013Jay Park has posted on his instagram announcing a European tour! He will be embarking on his first European tour, presented by Invazi, a creative agency that aims to bring people with the same interest together; in this case, Jay Park! Jay Park has not announced any other official information except for the stops confirmed to be UK, the Netherlands and Germany, but Invazi posted that the week long tour is set to kick start here in the UK on 21 September 2013 at Hammersmith Apollo, traveling to Amsterdam, Netherlands and finishing in Germany. Tickets will be sold via Ticketscript. Updated tour information has now been added below!!!

Jay Park (박재범) first found fame as the Leader of K-pop boy group 2pm, then known as Jae-bum, but due to some controversy, he left the group and returned to America for a while. But that is all in the past now and Jay Park is now bigger than ever! Jay Park is a rapper, singer, songwriter, B-boyer, professional shirt ripper and all round down-to-earth funny guy. Jay Park fans are called JWalkerz and are one of the most loyal fanbases ever, not just because Jay is super talented, but also because he’s a star that really gives back to his fans. Through many many SNS portals which he manages himself, he’s always updating his fans, interacting with them directly and providing them with much hilarity; he was one of the first K-pop idols to really take advantage of the new instagram video feature.

Jay Park instagram

Currently Jay has been working hard on his music. He made a much welcome return to music shows in Korea last year. But what’s even more important is that earlier this year he officially joined SNL Korea – Saturday Night Live Korea, a move appreciated by many as Jay Park can finally flaunt his hilarious sense of humour. Check out this funny, yet risque, skit regarding a certain “adult issue” expressed through the art of rap, naturally.

Joining Jay Park on this European tour will also be newly debuted international boy band Victor (빅터)! Featuring three Korean members and two Chinese members, who are twins, and have apparently danced with the likes of Hong Kong legend Aaron Kwok! This new boy band has a refreshingly different mature look. This tour is definitely going to be abs galore! Learn more about Victor via their Facebook page  here.

We are super excited about Jay Park’s visit. We’ve waited for a long time and finally an official tour has been announced! Jay Park  has teased us long enough with his naughty mix tapes, shirt ripping and suggestive “American” dance moves. European JWalkerz are currently getting all excited and flustered with the latest announcements. One thing we want to remind everyone is that Jay Park’s concerts in South Korea are normally categorised as 19+ and Invazi has stated that there is no age limit for the European dates but under 18s have to be accompanied by an adult (over 18). So please make sure you double check to avoid disappointment!

Saturday 21st September 2013 – 8pm (doors open at 7pm)
Jay Park’s London gig will be at the Hammersmith Apollo and ticket options are as follows:

Jay Park London Concert Seat plan

*** UPDATE : 18 September 2013 – Jay Park Network has negotiated discount rates as below, book tickets via THIS LINK to get discounts

Jay Park Discount tickets

Early bird: £8 off all tickets (any colour) purchased in first couple of days of sales (time scale has not been set so get in early to avoid disappointment!)

Normal prices:
Yellow £48 (Standing)
Best Seats VIP area – Red £ 88 (Seating)
Pink £58 (Seating)
Green £38 (Seating)

*Please note there will be additional booking fees for each ticket, currently it varies from £3.75 to £8.75 depending on the type of ticket you purchase!

UPDATE: Fans who purchased tickets before 11th September can also enter for a chance to win a meet and greet with Jay Park himself! More information HERE.

Ticket sales will start 10am Thursday 15th August 2013 via the official Hammersmith Apollo website: Link HERE Keep up to date with concert information via the official Facebook Event page.

Other dates of Jay Park’s European Tour:

*Seat plans & tickets vary so please check the official Facebook Events for details

Wed Sept 25 The Sand Amsterdam – Details HERE

Sat Sept 28 Arena Halle Berlin – CANCELLED *19/09/2013

Check out the tour trailer! Are you excited yet?

You can keep up to date with the Tour promoters for all the latest news on Jay’s tour via: Website, Facebook, Twitter, instagram

Or you can learn more and keep up to date with the Star himself via his many SNS profiles: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, website

Jay Park UK

Jay Park last year. About time!


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