KCC UK’s K-pop Academy

UPDATE: The Korean Cultural Centre has just announced their 5th Kpop Academy! The term will be 12 weeks from 22 February 2014 to 17 May 2014. For more information on the new term and application procedure click HERE. Deadline = 5th February 2014!

Kpop Academy InfoThe Korean Cultural Centre‘s popular K-pop Academy course is back for its fourth term, and now’s the time to apply!

The K-pop Academy focuses on introducing K-pop fans to Korea’s rich culture, teaching them there’s more to South Korea than just pop music. The 4th term of the KCCUK’s K-pop Academy promises to be as jam packed as ever. There’ll be many fun and insightful classes and events to help K-pop fans learn about South Korea’s history and culture, language, food and more!

The K-pop Academy is “especially for K-Pop fans. It is a 12-week course that provides a variety of lectures and workshops to explore both traditional and contemporary Korean culture. Since 2012, the K-Pop Academy has introduced over 100 young K-Pop fans to Korea’s long history, culture, language, food and many more. The Academy also provides a free return flight ticket to Korea, courtesy of Asiana Airlines to one student who is selected as the Best Student at the end of the term.”

Although many assume this course is for a younger audience, the K-pop Academy has seen K-pop fans of all ages and backgrounds. The Academy is all about educating those who became interested in South Korea via K-pop, so don’t feel held back! This is your chance to get a very hands on learning experience and discover more about South Korea.

Kpop Academy TimetableThis term lasts from 21st Sept – 7th Dec, with classes every Saturday from 2pm-4pm. So what’s the line-up for the 4th K-pop Academy? Like previous terms, the curriculum teaches you about many aspects of Korean culture, as well as once in a life time opportunities such as visiting the Korean Ambassador’s house and getting private cooking lessons! This term’s students will get to experience a Kimchijang where kimchi is made in preparation for the winter months, as seen by Lee Minho in Boys over Flowers! This term also covers the London Korean Film Festival so there’ll be lots of exciting opportunities for this term’s students.

Want to become part of this term’s semester? Details below:

Application Details

You can download the application form here: K-Pop Academy Application

Past students have always had a great time. They’ve learnt more about Korean culture, got to try their hands at many different activities and made many new friends. This Academy is the perfect chance for people with common interests to come together and have a fulfilling and fun time! Find out what some of the past students had to say about the course:

What I loved about the K-Pop academy is that every week was a different lesson and I had no idea what to expect from each lesson. Although most of my class were students, the homework tasks we got given was nothing like what you would receive at school. They were usually multiple choice so you could choose which type of homework you wanted to do per week and the tasks allowed you to unleash your creativity! ~ J

Puk, A Traditional Korean Drum

The fact that it was all provided for free was ridiculously generous of the KCCUK. Besides the goody bag you get in week one, there’s always prizes for winning groups (one week several people got tickets to SM’s ‘I Am’ film), food and drink every week, a huge graduation buffet and your graduation gifts (a hoodie, CD with photos, photobook, in our case Big Bang tickets – I know the KPA1 graduates got Samsung cameras!) ~ Rachel

Maggeon (Head Band)

One of my favourite moments from week 10 was just being completely amazed at how stunning everyone looked in Hanbok, it was quite awesome trying on a man’s Hanbok which is something I never thought I would get the opportunity to do so! ~ J

My favourite lesson was when we went to the Ambassadors house as it was a unique opportunity and we all gained a lot from the experience. Ambassador Choo and his wife were very welcoming and made us feel right at home. Also, they were really generous in providing delicious Korean food for us which I loved. ~ Tamanna, Sisters with Seoul

Jeol in HanbokKpop Academy at the Ambassador's ResidenceKpop Academy at the Ambassador's Residence

Favourite lesson would probably have to be cooking at Kaya restaurant in Green Park. As lovely as the KCCUK is, it was really amazing to be able to go to another location – a real Korean restaurant, have it all to ourselves, and be taught to cook kimbap and ddedokbokki by the head chef! ~ Rachel

Chef Goh talks with the students

Not only is the course fun and engaging, many left with something even more valuable and that was confidence. We’ve heard many people feeling too shy to apply, here are some lovely words from previous students:

Do not be shy at all, it can be nervewracking when you enter a place not knowing the other 29 individuals who have been accepted onto the course at the start but these 29 people are feeling exactly the same way as you so you are never alone, make the most of it and it’s even better when you can share this experience with new friends. ~ J

I also learned that I’m more than capable of talking to other people, making new friends, and sticking with something for 12 weeks! There shouldn’t be anything stopping you from applying. It’s the best experience any K-pop fan in the UK can have. ~ Rachel

And lastly, some beautiful words from a regular teacher at the Kpop Academy LoKo‘s Mama Tammy:

It is always such a pleasure teaching at the Kpop Academy. One thing that is a challenge at LoKo’s normal workshops is that you need to keep the energy up and create the positive atmosphere for the attendees especially those that arrived to the classes by themselves. However, because the students of the Kpop Academy have already spent numerous Saturdays together, they keep the morale up with their enthusiasm and wanting to cheer each other on – that is so nice to see. We usually teach two set of Kpop choreography, a song by a male artist and one by a female artist. The choices are usually requested by the students and then discussed with the academy coordinator and our team. It never gets old when you see the passion and sense of togetherness of Kpop fans, this is why we love going back to the Kpop Academy when we are asked to teach.

[Week 7] K-Pop Dance Workshop

So what are you waiting for! Join the Kpop Academy family and be part of something fun! Apply now! Don’t be shy! Deadline is 6th September! All details can be found on the KCC UK’s website.


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