Super Junior Super Show 5 in London – 9th November 2013

UPDATE 25 September 2013: Announcement! Wembley Arena Official website and Super Show 5 Official Facebook page has just confirmed that Superjunior’s Super Show 5 will be on SATURDAY 9th NOVEMBER 2013 at Wembley Arena with tickets going on sale on 10am on Sunday 29th September 2013! Click here for Wembley Arena and for more information check out the Super Show 5 Official Facebook page!

Superjunior SS5 London ticket

The MASSIVEly famous K-pop boy band Super Junior will finally be making a stop in London! There were never ending rumours, UK fans were constantly praying, and now it’s been officially confirmed, the Super Show World Tour will have a UK stop and the official Facebook page of the Super Show 5 Tour has announced that details will be coming soon! This will be the first official UK visit and performance from this amazing group and we’re sure many UK K-pop fans have been waiting for this day anxiously!

ss5 poster

London has been sitting in the Super Junior tour list for quite some time but there was never any official announcement from SM or Super Junior, so all Super Junior fans (aka E.L.Fs) could do was to sit patiently and wait. But it’s finally announced and confirmed and European E.L.Fs can celebrate!

*UPDATE – INFORMATION ABOUT TICKETS: It has now been confirmed that Super Junior will be here in the UK at the expected Wembley Arena on 9th November 2013! Doors open at 18:30 with the concert starting at 8pm. Ticket prices ranging from £56 – £198.25 with a limit of 6 tickets each!!! We hope Kpop fans have been saving up and are ready because with the sudden announcement, tickets are also going to be sold at 10am on Sunday 29th September giving us only 5 days to prepare! Tickets will be sold via the Wembley Arena website: here. As of yet, no announcement has been made about O2 Priority tickets being available.

So far no exact dates or details of venues has been given, but rumours have been flying around for ages with the suggested dates being in November and possibly at Wembley Arena where BigBang performed last year in December. But as of yet, nothing has been confirmed and with Infinite also set to come in November, it might become a very busy month for K-pop fans! Who knows, with Woollim Entertainment merging with SM’s subsidiary SM C&C to create a new label, will we be seeing some special Infinite and Super Junior stages?! We can only hope!

SS5 started last March in Seoul, and since then the boys have been wowing audiences in South America, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The boys will be spending most of their Summer in Asia but Autumn is when we’ll see Super Junior heading towards Europe.

Super Junior’s Super Shows are concerts that are known for their action packed, comedic, and energetic qualities. Generally, all round awesomeness! With all their most loved songs, solo stages, unit-group stages, skits, and general mayhem, Super Shows take concerts to the next level. Judging from the Super Junior members that are currently promoting, we can hopefully expect to see Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi and Henry Lau on stage. Heechul, who’s currently doing his military service, is expected to be discharged on the 30 of August, so if we’re lucky, maybe he’ll be in attendance too! *fingers crossed* Will we get to see the fabulous return of Lady Heehee?

To get an idea of what Super Shows are all about, Arirang’s ‘Korea Today’ did a short report on the legendary tour. Watch this video to get a brief insight into what these shows are all about.

There’s also an overview of their South American leg of their SS5 tour if you want to see more (in Korean).

We’re ecstatic that this has finally all been confirmed! We’ll finally get the chance to experience the infamous Super Show here! In the mean time, best start saving up! Let’s hope the rush for tickets won’t be too crazy… And hopefully see you all there!

Official Links: SS5 Facebook | Super Junior Facebook | Super Junior Website


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