Korean Fast Food in London

Korean food in the UK has been steadily growing and getting more trendy over the recent years. Now with London going crazy for fashionable and high-end fast food this year, there is currently a huge market for tasty, unique and well-made Korean food to grab on the go. During the course of this year, several new Korean fast food joints have sprung up, adding to the already great selection of places punters can choose to get a bite to eat at. So looking for some Korean food to grab on the go? Let’s take a look at what’s out there!

Source: Busan BBQ FB

Source: Busan BBQ FB

Busan BBQ | WebsiteFaceBookTwitter

About: The founders are influenced by their love of Korean and American food and have found a way to successfully mix the two cultures to create amazing fast food in the form of burgers, fried chicken, an amazing array of home-made sauces and sides, and much more. Having only set up very recently, these guys are unleashing their delicious food on the public this month, so track them down and show your support by chowing down on some AmeriKorean street food!

Unique Food Point: Fusing American and Korean street food to create fantastic grub.

Where to Find Them: Their next trading will be on 17th August at North Finchley Market. Check their twitter and FB for future locations and dates.

Galbi Bros | WebsiteFaceBookTwitter

About: The Galbi Bros are two dudes whose passion for food led them to follow their dreams of sharing Korean food with the British public. Having met while creating the famous Gangnam Style parody, London Style, they’ve since set up their own stand this Summer and have been fulfilling their mission of “bringing trendy Korean food to London that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whilst keeping the authenticity of Korean cuisine by using the proper ingredients and methods, [they] also pursue the passion of re-styling burgers and rice to amalgamate them into a fusion cuisine”.

Unique Food Point: They’ve got rice buns available instead of the traditional bread buns for burgers! So you can get that crispy rice hit with your chosen burger filling. Awesome.

Where to Find Them: Check their FB and twitter for location updates.

Source: JuBo FB

Source: JuBo FB

JuBo | WebsiteFaceBookTwitter

About: Even though they’ve only been open for a few weeks, JuBo has already got an amazing reputation and been featured on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, where their fried chicken was highly praised. Called a ‘Korean Canteen’, JuBo provides its customers with a great selection of  Korean fast food in the form of platters, subs, steamed buns, fried chicken selections and more. With DJ sets even taking place on selected nights, not only can you have your fast food fix, but you can get your round of drinks in and have a boogie too.

Unique Food Point: Amazing Korean fried chicken which is already famous even though they’ve only been open for about two weeks! Get the true Korean chicken and beer experience here in London now!

Where to Find Them: 68 Rivington Street, EC2A 3AY. Hours are Tuesday to Thursday 6 pm — Midnight and Friday & Saturday 7 pm — Late.

Source: Kimchi Cult FB

Source: Kimchi Cult FB

Kimchi Cult | WebsiteFaceBookTwitter

About: Kimchi Cult is like the original granddaddy of Korean street food in London. We interviewed the founders a couple years back to discover what Kimchi Cult was all about. With a loyal base of customers and constantly pulling in new ones too, they’re well known and very respected, serving up quality food time and time again. Their food has also been featured on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, where their kimchi burger was tasted to rave reviews by the presenters. Their burgers were also in Vogue’s latest issue, listed as a ‘fashion craving’.

Unique Food Point: Famous for their kimchi burgers, bulgogi or kimchi cheese fries, fried chicken and their home-made kimchi.

Where to Find Them: Current residence at Camden’s Black Heart pub. Open Tuesday – Friday between 5pm and 9pm and Friday and Saturday between noon and 9pm. Check their FB and twitter for other weekly events.

Kimchinary | FaceBookTwitter

About: Giving the public a different spin on Korean food by teaming up Korean food favourites with a twist, Kimchinary has been feeding the London public to their hearts content. With a wide range of food items on offer, such as traditional dishes like kimchi fried rice, to more modern and unique items like gochujang mayonnaise, there’s a whole lot of food to look forward to! As well as serving up food on London’s streets, Kimchinary has provided food at private events and been seen serving at music gigs too.

Unique Food Point: Korean tacos! Need we say more?

Where to Find Them: Check FB and twitter for updates of future locations.

Source: Korrito FB

Source: Korrito FB

Korrito | FaceBook, Twitter

About: Also another relative newcomer, who began trading this past June, Korrito mixes the tasty tradition of Korean BBQ with the equally tasty Mexican staple, the burrito (hence the name)! As well as delicious food, they’ve also cooled down Londoners when the sun got too much by creating Korean inspired cocktails, so not only can you fill up on food, you can get your drink on too!

Unique Food Point: Korean BBQ meets Mexican burrito, amazing! You can hand pick what fillings you’d like in your burrito, from pork, beef and chicken to what rice you’d like out of kimchi fried rice or sticky rice. How can you resist?

Where to Find Them: Often seen at the Southbank Weekend Food market. Check their FB and twitter for updates.

With such a varied and great selection of Korean fast food stands, trucks and sit down restaurants available now, what are you waiting for?! Enjoy the last of your Summer by going on a food quest to taste all the Korean fast food you can!

Have we missed off any other favourite Korean fast food places you know of? Please tell us if we have!


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