Jubo (Shoreditch) – Restaurant Review, Sept 2013

Jubo Korean Chicken Shoreditch London Canteen

Jubo London – Website | Facebook | Twitter

Address: 68 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY
Closest Transport: Old Street, Shoreditch High Street, Hoxton
Email: queries@jubolondon.com
Telephone: 0207 033 0198
Online Booking: No Reservations
Online Menu: Website, Facebook (with Pricing)
Vegetarian Options: Yes, but extremely limited.
Special Features: A Korean Canteen that sells delicious Korean fried chicken.
Opening hours: Tues to Thurs 6pm – Midnight. Fri & Sat 7pm – Late. Closed Sun & Mon

Jubo London launched on 8th August and have been opened for less than a month but have already developed quite an amazing reputation. They were featured on Channel 4′s Sunday Brunch and are one of the main eateries pushing the current Korean Fast Food trend in London. Set in hipster Shoreditch, Jubo is inside Bedroom Bar giving it a great chilled out and relaxed atmosphere, so when heading to Jubo London, keep an eye out for Bedroom Bar and you should spot the Jubo Menu. Taking up the opening section of the bar, Jubo is a small but buzzing restaurant with 2 big tables of 8, 2 two-seaters and 3 four-seaters along the side of the restaurant, perfect for dates or friendly catchups. Jubo London are also one of the only Korean fast food eateries (along with Kimchi Cult) to have a regular location.

For the importance of journalistic accuracy, we went to Jubo twice and pretty much tried everything because we are professionals. Both times we went (on a weekday and Saturday) the slow-braised beef brisket wasn’t available, which we were very upset about. As well as fried chicken, Jubo London also offers very cute and dainty steamed buns with a selection of fillings: flat portobello & shiitake mushrooms (the only vegetarian option), beef brisket and the one we choose, which was slow-cooked pork belly with pickled cucumber, hoisin sauce and sriracha sauce. The steamed bun was very different and beautifully soft. The pork belly was delicious and the mix of sweet and spicy sauce really complimented the meat and made the bun super delicious. Our own problem was that it was quite small, approximately 4-5 manly mouthfuls, but at £3.50, you can order two and try the other flavours too!

Jubo London Korean Food Pork Belly Bun

Jubo London also have the steak ‘bulgogi’ sub, featuring deliciously marinated and expertly grilled bulgogi in a soft sub topped with melted cheese. The sub was quite large and the bulgogi filling was very generous, a really satisfying meal. The chicken roll was actually more of a burger, and the juicy fillet was fried in the signature light Korean batter and was MASSIVE! The kimchi slaw added a delightful texture to the burger along with the spiced mayo, but be careful! The saucy kimchi slaw and the juicy thigh fillet means this burger got a bit messy to eat but oh so delicious!

And now, the main star of Jubo London, the fried chicken. Many said it was exactly like the fried chicken you find in South Korea. The batter is deliciously crispy and light and only the juiciest cuts of chicken were used. Jubo London offers a special where you can get 2 strips, 2 wings and a Hite beer for £10, which is quite the bargain, but many may want to add a side to ensure a satisfied stomach. There is also a platter (priced at £35) which is perfect for 3 hungry people which features 8 wings, 8 strips and 3 sides. For the sides you can get a decent portion of chips (be warned that Jubo London’s chips are very salty), kimchi, pickles, the very bizarre option of spring onions, or the side we recommend the most which is the kimchi slaw, which was very light and refreshing and a perfect compliment to the fried chicken.

Jubo London Korean Fried Chicken Platter

Jubo London has 2 different flavours of chicken. Hot and Sweet, which isn’t actually that spicy for all those that fear the Korean heat (big drink on stand-by is advisable just in case), but spicy enough to give you that exciting kick. The other is the very delicious Soy Garlic which is suitable for everyone. The chicken comes in wings and strips and the strips are of a very decent size, not like the measly KFC chicken strips you get. Both flavours are tasty and will no doubt satisfy whatever mood you are in.

The service at Jubo was fantastic, the waitresses were all very friendly and always on hand to make sure you get the best dining experience. When we were ordering, we were indecisive about which flavour of chicken to go for and our lovely waitresses told us that we can actually ask for a mix and personalise our order to exactly how we wanted it; a brilliant tip meaning you can try everything!

Jubo Korean Chicken Shoreditch

Jubo has a open kitchen meaning you can see the chefs at work. I’m sure many K-drama fans would be familiar with the way Korean fried chicken is made, we’ve been watching “You’re the best Lee Soon Shin” and it was very exciting to see the fried chicken process in person.

Both times we turned up before 7pm and easily found a seat, but it does get much busier later on in the evening! We had a brilliant and very satisfying time at Jubo London and this will no doubt become one of our regular haunts. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the food is delicious. It can get pricey as it’s 2 wings for £4.50 and you really can’t guarantee the size of wings, and some of the sides are not really worth the £3.50. But the specials make it less pricey and at the end of the day you are really paying for the quality. The sub & roll was definitely worth it though and overall we had an excellent dining experience and we’re glad to finally have a Korean chicken joint in the UK!

*** Please note this review was written in September 2013 when Jubo first launched. Quality may be slightly different now.

Jubo Korean Chicken London Kitchen


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