World K-pop Festival: UK Reps 9034K

World K-Pop Festival

9034K are a young and enthusiastic K-pop dance cover team who have now danced their way to becoming the UK representatives at the K-pop World Festival in Changwon 2013! The Festival is hosted by KBS, who have dubbed this dance troupe as the British 4minute. To achieve their dreams of flying to South Korea and performing at the finals, 9034K need your help!

After performing and winning the K-pop Competition held at the KCC, 9034K has now been placed on the short-list with over 20 other countries as they battle it out for votes. The Top 15 performers with the most votes will get the chance to fly to South Korea and compete at the 2013 World K-pop Festival in Changwon. 9034K are the only entries from the UK and here is how you can help them:

How to vote for 9034K

Voting Period: 2nd-15th September 2013

Register on the website here,
then look here to find 9034K’s entry and vote!

More information on how to vote can be found on the official Festival website, here.

To find out a little more about the team, we sent a few questions their way to get to know them better…


KCM: What was the inspiration behind the start of 9034K? What made you guys decide to come together and form a group, and where did the name come from?

9034K: All of us have participated in doing various K-pop covers before and had known each other prior to forming the group. But once Girls’ Generation ‘I got a boy’ was released we decided to do a group cover and because we all worked so well together, from there we just decided that it would be good to form a cover dance group as there aren’t really many cover dance groups in the UK compared to other countries. We were also inspired by various dance groups such as Waveya and Def dance and wanted to create a group to be like them.

The name actually took a while to form but in the end we decided to use our birth years as one member was born in 1990, 4 were born in 1993 our stylist is born in 1994 and the K stands for our managers name Kai but also doubles up for K-pop or Korea.

The 3rd K-Pop Contest & K-Pop Night!

L-R – Lisa, Alisha, Annie, Z.Z, J-min : image from KCCUK Flickr

KCM: How many members of 9034K are there? Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and how you became interested in Korean culture?

9034K: There are currently 5 members: who are Alisha, J-min, Annie, Lisa and Z.Z:

Alisha: Hi I’m Alisha, I started dancing generally at a young age but joined my school street dance team at age 11- 15. I got into Korean culture when a website posted Seungri “Strong baby” and I haven’t looked back since. My biggest influences are T-ara as they have the ability to fit any concept and also show hard work pays off. I hope to be a leader like Qri and be the backbone for my members while always remaining humble and helpful to them, plus we both love pink!! My other favourite groups include B2st, 2pm, BTS, Speed and VIXX.

J-min: I started off dancing at the age of 6 in ballet tap and modern and moved to street dance when I was 10 but I took a break once I turned 12. However I got really passionate about it once again after getting into K-pop, especially with my biggest influences being Lee Hyori and Hyuna as they have such a strong, sexy and independent woman image whilst being amazing dancers. I’m a big fan of SS501, Speed, M.I.B, BtoB, VIXX, 4minute and X-5. I actually got into Korean culture 5 years ago through K-pop initially, however I also have a Korean step dad now so I started to take a deeper interest into the history and culture.

Annie: Hi I’m Annie! I’m usually in charge of entertaining the members with my silly acts and being the mood maker. I first got into Korean culture about 5/6 years ago when I discovered K-Pop. My bias groups are all of CUBE Ent. especially BEAST whose song ‘Shock’ inspired me to dance and became my first ever dance cover on YouTube. Ever since then I continued and found my passion for dancing alongside the other members of 9034K.

Lisa: I’m the face of the group, but I would much rather be known as just Lisa. I trained in Traditional Chinese dancing for about 12 years and Contemporary dance for 6 years. I was introduced to Korean Culture through dramas and soon was addicted to TVXQ since their debut in 2003. I am now a big fan of Girls Generation, TaeYeon in particular. I love my 9034K family and Crayon pop!

Z.Z: Hi, I’m Zhen, the height and maknae of the group. I didn’t start dancing until I was 15 years old and what made me a dancer was the dancer from my first bias group, Taemin from SHINee; this was also how I got introduced to Korean culture as I saw SHINee on a Taiwanese variety show. Though I didn’t take official dancing lessons I learnt dancing from a lot of K-pop cover dances from Youtube and my ultimate bias Kai from EXO. He has been the reason and motivation for me; to keep improving myself to be a better dancer.

KCM: How did you guys prepare for the Dance Competition? Do you meet up regularly and practice? How do you pick the dances to cover?

9034K: We usually look at the recent K-pop releases and find a mutual song and dance we want to cover and that we think would suit our image. We are all quite fond of 4minute’s songs and image and when ‘What’s Your Name’ was released we were all attracted to the dance and just decided to cover it. After we had done our initial cover we came across the KCC’s advert for the competition and because the maximum amount of members was 5 people we thought it was perfect for us and then decided to take part. We practised at home and together rigorously whenever we had the chance as well as having people outside of our dance team watch us and provide criticism on what we needed to improve on so we could perform to the best of our ability, because when you dance together there are some little things that you may not pick up that someone else would.

LOKOs 9034K

9034K with one of the judges of the Competition, the LOKOs!

KCM: How did you guys feel when you won the competition?

9034K: It was like we were in a dream; when we heard our names being called we couldn’t believe it. Some of us started crying we were all excited and just felt so proud that all our hard work had paid off because we really wanted to achieve something as a group and what was a better opportunity then getting to represent your home country. We also felt really grateful to the judges and to all the people in the audience who voted for us because we didn’t have a clue that we would win this competition. But to know that people chose us to represent our country just made us fell more grateful to have this support behind us and made us more determined to make everyone proud.

KCM: Voting has only just began, but have you guys been preparing for the possibility of competing in South Korea just in case?

9034K: We have started our rehearsals in hope that we do get a chance to perform in Korea, especially after KBS named us the British 4Minute in their program about the regional winners, we really wanted to live up to that name. We decided to spice up the original routine a bit and have worked with a DJ called Espio, who we met at a recent performance we did, to remix our track to include a dance break and a new electronic flavour to the original song. We are also currently practising another element that we will keep as a surprise, however we are still unsure if we will take that road or not.

Many thanks to 9034K for answering our questions and the very best of luck! Don’t forget to vote, show your support and get UK in KBS’ 2013 K-Pop World Festival! Voting is on till 15th September 2013!

Winning at the KCC UK

Please look forward to 9034K future activities and wish my younger members well. Thank you ^^
– Alisha, the leader of the 9034K

Please support 9034K and we shall try our hardest to keep improving =^.^=
– J-min, the mysterious charismatic Eurasian of 9034K

Please show us lots of support and love ^ㅅ^ 9034K fighting!
– Annie, the visual maknae of 9034K

I love my 9034K family and Crayon pop!
Lisa, the Face of 9034K

I hope you will show 9034K a lot of love and support. ^^
– Z.Z, the maknae of 9034K


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