57th BFI London Film Festival

Get ready folks it’s time for the 2013 BFI London Film Festival again! Featuring over 230 feature films and 134 short films from 57 countries around the world, this film festival will keep us entertained as we hibernate indoors during this frosty Autumn! The London Film Festival will run from 9th October to 20th October 2013, which overlaps with the equally popular Busan International Film Festival happening on the other side of the world!

Last year saw some great Korean films in the line up from blockbusters such as Nameless Gangster to wonderfully quirky and unique homemade 3D film A Fish. For this year’s film festival we will see 4 films from South Korea, two of which are also featured in the Busan International Film Festival.

Lebanon Emotion

11 Oct 3:30pm, 13 Oct 8:45pm

A grieving loner finds his life turned upside-down when he stumbles into a brutal underworld grudge-match in Jung Youngheon’s award-winning debut.

lebanon emotion LFF 2013

This is a debut film from Director Jung Young-heon, who made this film whilst deeply depressed from a family death. He saw this film as a healing project which may give some insight into the protagonist of the film who is also grieving. Expect intense and powerful emotions from this first feature by Jung. You may be exiting the cinema pondering life’s many deep questions.

New World

19 Oct 6pm, 20 Oct 3pm

new world LFF 2013

Said to be a film paying dues to The Godfather and Infernal Affairs, it’s sounding sophisticated and badass already. It has already won the Jury Prize at this year’s Thriller Festival in Beaune, but if that isn’t enough, it’s by I Saw the Devil Director Park Hoon-jung, and it stars Choi Min-sik as well as Lee Jung-jae. It has all the markings of a great gangster flick. Fabulously tailored suits at the ready!

Nobody’s Daughter Haewon

9 Oct 8:30pm, 10 Oct 1pm

nobodys daughter LFF 2013

Referred to as a “gentle, melancholic comedy”, it sounds like a Hong Sang-soo film already. Evolving around a female Seoul student named Haewon, will we find out anything about this female protagonist? Or will Hong Sang-soo keep us guessing through the whole film? Does it even matter what we know about the characters but more about what we take away from the film as viewers? This film also stars Lee Sun-kyun, a favourite actors of ours from Petty Romance and All About my Wife.

Our Sunhi

13 Oct 6pm, 15 Oct 3:30pm, 18 Oct 12:30pm

our sunhi LFF 2013

Another film by Hong Sang-soo, starring Lee Sun-kyun again! Will this turn out to be a power combo? A comedy possibly about wooing and courting, we see three men orbit around elusive female student Sun-hi who asks her professor for a reference to help her go study abroad but she is not so happy about the resulting reference. The 2nd film from Hong Sang-soo this year!

This year’s line up is a big treat for Hong Sang-soo fans. Along with a beautiful example of powerfully emotional Korean dramas as well as some very sophisticated and manly action.

Tickets for this year’s BFI London Film Festival will go on sale today (20 September 2013) at 12pm noon so get clicking now! Tickets can be purchased via the BFI website HERE.

All image from BFI LFF website


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