Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2013 London – featuring 2NE1


Update: It has just been announced that 2NE1 have been appointed as ambassador for the 2013 Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo! They will be at the Congratulatory ceremony on the 5th November where seats will be offered on a online registration, first come first serve basis. ONLINE REGISTRATION BEGINS ON 14th OCTOBER 2013 at 9am GMT via here: KBEE2013


Coming up on the 4th-6th November in London is the ‘Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2013‘, a packed expo aiming to explore business opportunities between South Korea and Europe and to build common ground in Culture and I.T Creative industries. This Expo will encourage exchange between Europe and South Korea with a huge range of different exhibitions and activities displaying many of South Korea’s exciting exports from fashion and product designs to gadgets! Taking place at Old Billingsgate, in East London, this expo is a great opportunity for the UK public to see what South Korea has to offer.

Due to the success of PSY last year, one of the exports that South Korea is currently pushing is Kpop and it seems to be catching on as many companies and media outlets seem to be very interested in South Korea’s unique pop music culture. So it’s very exciting to hear that this Expo will include a Kpop star or group performance! Who the artist will be is currently unconfirmed but watch this space and we’ll let you know ASAP! It has been announced that 2NE1 will be the performer at the Congratulatory Ceremony at this Expo! As well as a Kpop performance, Kpop fans will also be treated to a hologram concert with PSY as well as Kpop merchandise. For more information on what a hologram concert is all about click here.

KBEE London 2013 Expo

But it’s not all about Kpop. This is an expo to promote many aspects of South Korean culture. With Seoul being one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world, there will be many stands on the subject of IT convergence technology (digital technology, virtual space experience platform, e-learning, healthcare, etc.). A great chance for gadget fanatics to see some of the latest technology in the Far East and opening communication for many European countries to catch up with all the latest tech. There will also be culture contents such as mobile game, animation, fashion, franchises as well as product design. When it comes to gadgets in South Korea it’s not just about IT and computers, Seoul’s TV network is highly populated with shopping channels from steamers that make ironing a breeze, home fitness, to pretty much anything that will make your home life that little bit less stressful. This Expo will no doubt show off why South Korea is a innovative country when it comes to home living.

Taking place over three days, 4th Nov, 5th and 6th, there will be ample time to thoroughly investigate all aspects of this expo.

This Expo will be free and open to the public and industries but please note that some aspects of this expo won’t be open to the public, and more information about this aspect will be added in when the full line-up is announced. For security reasons the Kpop performance will have limited seating and registration will be required to take part. Currently registration for the Kpop concert has not yet begun and this post will be updated accordingly or you can follow our Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date.

KBEE London 2013 Expo Industry

More information can be found on the expo’s FB Page. As the full schedule is yet to be released about what will be happening (there will be some fun announcements!), keep checking their pages and here to find out up to date information.


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