KBEE 2013 – 2NE1 & PSY Hologram Concert

As mentioned in our previous post, the Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo taking place in London next month will feature hologram Kpop concerts, the first ever hologram Concerts to take place outside of South Korea. Hologram concerts are very high tech with many of South Korea’s companies investing into the development to enable wider interaction between the Kpop industry and foreign countries. At the KBEE, we’ll get the chance to experience hologram concerts from PSY and the Kpop Ambassadors of the Expo 2NE1!


So what can we expect from a hologram concert? Before you walk into the 360 degree concert hall, there is a photo zone where you can take photos with friends and fellow Kpop fans. These photos will then be projected as part of the hologram concert and you’ll be able to see yourself on stage with the artists! With all the latest technology, the artists look very real and you’ll be given a concert experience almost exactly like the real thing! Please note no photos are allowed to be taken inside the hologram concert due to technical issues.

2NE1 will be paying London a visit and attending the KBEE Congratulatory Ceremony on the 5th November but there are a number of seatings for the hologram concert where everyone can take part. To register for attendance of the hologram concert, simply click over to the KBEE website and register here, stating your preferred time slot. Because of the interactiveness of the hologram concert along with the photo zone, it is highly recommended that you co-ordinate with friends and all register for the same time slot so you can have your own private Kpop concert party! Each time slot can hold 150 attendees and successful applicants will be contacted via email.

KBEE Hologram Concert time slots

It has been exclusively announced that PSY will be perfoming his top hits Gangnam Style and Gentleman and 2NE1 will be performing their debut hit Fire and I am the best! So don’t miss out on your chance to be one of the first to experience a hologram concert outside of South Korea! With so many investors, hologram concerts are expected to be the way forward and the chance to make Kpop more accessible to people all over the world so come be part of the future of Kpop!

Check out ITN’s coverage of the Hologram concert!

The Korean Brand & Entertainment Expo will be taking place in London at Old Billingsgate from 4th Nov to 6th Nov. The KBEE offers the UK a chance to discover the various creative industries of Korea from high-end technology to Kpop, fashion, designs and arts. The Expo will feature over 40 stalls where attendees and UK industries can discover all aspects of South Korea and explore exactly what the Hallyu Korean Wave is all about. For more information make sure you subscribe to the KBEE Facebook page and keep an eye on KCM as we post more information about the Expo :)

KBEE 2013


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