Touch in Sol UK

The UK has Korea food, Korean fashion, Korean music, Korean art and up next, Korean beauty! Touch in SOL, a Korean cosmetic company, have branched out into the European market with a specifically catered to UK website along with a London office actively working on interacting with the UK public.

Touch in Sol UK

After a very successful Korean Culture Centre UK exhibition, Inspired by Nature: Traditional cosmetics of Korea, it showed that the UK has a keen interest in South Korean beauty and along with South Korea’s infallible reputation of having flawless skin, it’s about time a Korean company takes notice of our little island and give us access to some of their top quality products. South Korea cultivated the BB cream trend many years ago and Europe still has a lot of catching up to do in terms of quality as many UK highstreet BB creams still lack the level of coverage and skin care benefits South Korean BB creams possess. But now Touch in Sol is here to give the British public easy access to South Korea’s impressive range of Beauty products. From ingenious duo concealers, BB creams to suit all skin type to powdered SPF too, here’s your chance to learn more about Touch in SOL.

Touch in Sol's latest models APINK!

Touch in Sol’s latest models APINK!

Who are Touch in SOL? What beauty products do you specialise in and what are your best-seller products?

Touch in SOL is a Korean cosmetics company that launched in March 2012. It is a well-established brand in Asia, in particular we have distributorship deals with large cosmetic retailers such as AS Watson (the equivalent of Superdrug). We have a manufacturing facility in Korea where we source all of our products to be sold in the UK and Europe. From humble beginnings we have gone from strength to strength selling our products in various exhibitions in the UK and building a growing customer base through online and independent stores in London. We have a diverse product range of make-up and skin care products. Given the latest trends our different types of BB Cream are our best-selling items. Korean BB Cream has a great reputation in the UK for quality and we have three BB cream products to suit the needs of all skin types.

Touch in Sol UK Korean BB Cream

Touch in Sol: BB creams

‘Toc-toc toning capsule base’, ‘Feel like honey moon skin base’, ‘No poreblem! primer’ are also very good sellers for us; they have a multi pearl capsule or honey texture with gold that when applied evenly gives the skin a smooth, fresh feel. We think our products are very unique, eye-catching and get attention from shoppers in a retail setting.

What made Touch in Sol want to expand into the European market?

Korea is stamping its culture all over Asia at the moment with music, film, dramas and fashion as well as cosmetics growing in popularity. On top of this, the Korean diaspora has spread to London and the UK with Korean restaurants, fashion and dance all gaining a foothold in the UK market. One of the most popular things to come out of Korea is K-pop and with huge interest coming from people in the UK, there also comes opportunities for them to become interested in other aspects of Korean culture and the products that complement those interests such as Touch in SOL who are actively trying to seek out this market.

Because it is so hard to purchase Korean cosmetics in Europe, a lot of buyers use e-bay, paying top prices for low quality along with excessive handling and shipping fees. We are the only Korean cosmetics manufacturer with operations and distribution channels in the UK where we can serve our customers in a professional and timely manner. As well as this we offer a unique product range at competitive prices and sell both online and in independent stores in London. We have celebrity endorsement of the Touch in SOL range from major pop Korean artists “Ailee” and “ZE:A”. We also established there was a good market for our products after product sellouts at major product exhibitions such as the ‘Ideal Home Show’ at Earls Court 2013.

Check out Touch in Sol's amazingly easy to use palettes!

Check out Touch in Sol’s amazingly easy to use palettes!

What has the response been like so far? What can we expect from Touch in Sol UK in the near future?

Touch in SOL is still quite new in the UK as it has been only a few months since we set up here. We see good growth potential for the brand, but with fierce competition from major brands such as L’Oreal, Garnier and Max Factor to name but a few our growth has been cramped as we try to establish a name for ourselves in this very competitive market sector. At the moment, we are selling our items through our UK official website ( and in shops in London. In addition, we are working with UK beauty bloggers and they have helped us promote our products to their viewers. Basically, they test our products for 2-3 weeks and then talk about them or give information frankly to their readers on their own blog. We can’t ask them to mention certain things about our products as they don’t want to turn their blogs into commercial ones and they know that if they lie about something about the products, that could affect their readers negatively. From their honest opinion about our products, we can also get useful feedback to improve the quality of our products. We have also seen a growth in orders as our website and social media pages increase in popularity.

In the meantime, we have been negotiating with wholesalers and retailers and have had meetings with a major Korean company and UK distributors who are looking to stock Korean cosmetics in their stores.

We also heard that you will be sponsoring London Kpop Dance workshops? How did this collaboration come about?

We really see the point in supporting and sponsoring all things Korean here in the UK. We believe that our target customer lies with people who enjoy other aspects of Korean culture such as K-pop and so that is why we made contact with London Kpop Dance workshops. Since we have been working with Ailee and ZE:A, Korean K-pop singers, we thought it would be a really good idea to bring our products to the people it was intended for and for who are endorsing the products in Korea. ‘London K-pop Dance Workshop’ is the biggest one and we contacted them and we really enjoyed attending their workshops and sharing our products with them on their second anniversary, and we could see in person how much their members are passionate about K-pop and we were very pleased and honoured to sponsor them. We also plan to join their show case in December and we are really looking forward to seeing them again soon! ((More info about this coming soon!))

LoKo students get free goodies from Touch in Sol at the Anniversary Workshop

So here’s your chance to get some Korean cosmetics without having to pay their airfare! You can find Touch in SOL’s products on their official UK website here and they currently have a special 10% off event with FREE DELIVERY! To keep up to date with Touch in SOL’s UK project, make sure to subscribe to their Facebook page and make sure you send us all your thoughts and reviews!

Touch in Sol has been busy and working hard. They have also been collaborating with many UK Beauty bloggers and here you can see some of their products in action:

Image from Chloe’s Way. Full blog review here

Silky Natural BB cream: While this is aimed at oily skin, it doesn’t feel at all drying on my skin, but still gives that lovely matte finish that I love. If you have blemishes or severe redness, you may need some concealer under this, but when I’m having a good skin day, this looks gorgeous on it’s own, it covers any uneven skintone. It doesn’t separate at all, my skin looks even and stays even! It also adapts to my skin tone, no dodgy orange oxidizing here
Chloe’s Way

Multi Shining Colours: I’m always on the hunt for versatile, multi-use products for my handbag and so the Dynamic Spectrum blush/highlighter was an immediate winner for me. It contains four different shades, including a matte, a satin and two that are more shimmery/glittery so there’s plenty of ways it can be worn for both daytime and evening and is essentially four or five products in one – Beautiful Solutions

Image from Charltom Wintale Blog. Full review here

Ideal visual multi colour eye shadow: I’m going to start off with the eyeshadows in this palette, as you can see they are laid out to the shape of an eye lid, so if your’e a beginner in makeup this palette as been designed with you in mind. The pigment of the eyeshadows are really good for such a shimmery eyeshadows, but I do recommend to use a eyeshadow primer before using these shadows just so you get a truer and fuller colour
Charltom Wintale Blog

Touch in Sol I’m a Very Useful Make-up Boomer : In my experience, Korean brands are really good at combining skin care & make-up products, so this brightening base doesn’t come with a sole purpose of illuminating. It contains a seed complex, a repair complex together with argan & jojoba oil which takes care of your dry, dehydrated skin. In addition to being a super moisturizer it adds a nice subtle pearlescent sheen to your skin. – Cityscape Bliss

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