KCCUK: Unfixed by Meekyoung Shin

Shin Meekyoung Korean ArtistUnfixed: A solo exhibition
by Meekyoung Shin

Start – 12 November 2013

End – 18 January 2014

Korean Cultural Centre

1 – 3 Strand,
London WC2N 5BW

M-F 10am to 5pm
Sat 11am to 5pm


With numerous exhibitions over the years along with magazine appearances and even a plinth that stood proudly at Cavendish Square in Central London for the best of 2013, Shin Meekyoung is possibly one of the most well known Korean artists in London at the moment. Shin came to London over 15 years ago to study at the Slade School of Fine Art and it was here that she developed her quirky signature of using soap to create replica vases and sculptures as she said β€œTo me, they looked as if they were made from soap,” (source).

Shin Meekyoung Stylist Magazine

Shin Meekyoung in British Publication Stylist Magazine

Shin’s pieces are always a pleasure for the nose as well as the eyes as she would sculpt soap into vase shapes and then paint them like precious vases seen in museums, although she tries to make them as similar to the original vases as possible, the main giveaway is the beautiful scent of soap that accompanies the pieces. The vases are all seriously impressively; they all have that beautiful glaze and the colours are fabulously vibrant and detailed. Last year Shin played a vital part in the Korean Eye Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, filling a hall with many of her pieces like the treasures of an antique collector accompanied by a beautiful soapy fragrance that filled the whole room. She also slaved away with tonnes and tonnes of soap blocks at the 2012 Thames Festival where she created an art piece live!

Shin Meekyoung Vase

Now people can see Shin Meekyoung’s pieces again at the Korean Cultural Centre. Shin will be holding a solo exhibition curated by Jonathan Watkins (Director of IKON Gallery). Catch it whilst you can! It will no doubt be one of the most impressive and fragrant exhibitions at the KCCUK yet!

Korean Eye 2


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