SuperShow5: Super Junior in London Concert Review

It’s a crazy November for Kpop fans in the UK, not only do we have Infinite, but Kpop royalty Super Junior enthralled crowds at Wembley Arena earlier this month. Super Show 5 had been greatly anticipated in Europe and when a London date was announced ELFs everywhere rejoiced. Super Junior certainly didn’t disappoint their dedicated fans, as their SS5 London concert was an amazing roller coaster of fun, music and theatrics.

SS5 London 6

The concert lasted over three hours with a mammoth set-list, over 30 songs, including old and new favourites such as Bonamana, Sorry Sorry, It’s You, Sexy Free and Single and SPY to name but a few. Including solo and duet stages, as well as the very fetching drag and super hero performances, there was something for every fan to go crazy over on the night.

SS5 London 3

Once all the fans were inside the Arena and awaiting Super Junior’s arrival, the whole area was lit up by light sticks creating the beautiful iconic blue ocean, the colour of Super Junior. As soon as the group members stepped on stage, the crowd went wild and the concert began! From the outset all the members, Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Kangin, Sungmin, Shindong, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun were full of energy and enthusiasm, which continued throughout the concert. Watching them all perform with such vigour was especially impressive when you consider the ridiculously packed scheduled they’d been leading, having only landed in the country not long before the concert.

After performing a few songs, the members introduced themselves, driving the crowds wild!

The fun continued with more colourful and exciting performances. People who are familiar with Super Shows might know that Super Junior loves an opportunity to play dress up, and the audience was treated to some amazing fashions displays. First up was Siwon, Ryeowook, Kangin and Hyuna, woops, I mean Sungmin, all dressed as alluring female singers from the Kpop world. Performing solo songs, Kangin as GaIn was especially epic, and then coming together to perform as sexy super group Sistar, the four members looked ravishing in their fashions. Their second dress-up segment of the night was as super heroes. All the members joined in with this one, all looking very dashing with some hilarious Loki and Thor role play!

SS5 London 8As the night continued, Super Junior worked their way through many of their greatest hits. There was also a chance for Donghae and Eunhyuk to perform their duet songs. When they sang Oppa Oppa, the audience played a vital part as echoes of ‘oppa oppa’ reverberated around the arena under Donghae’s and Eunhyuk’s command. You could see how much fun Donghae and Eunhyuk were having, playing with the audience and having funny tiffs between themselves. Another moment when the audience were particularly frenzied was during Siwon’s topless moment, which was soon followed by Eunhyuk being encouraged to lose his shirt too! We have to admit, we did enjoy this part greatly, our ear drums on the other hand suffered greatly.

As well as songs, Super Junior had prepared video skits to entertain the audience while they changed clothes between songs. We loved the spy theme running throughout the whole concert and found their spoof finger-gun shoot out hilarious. This video featured the members pretending to be on some important mission in a park, when suddenly there was a huge fake shoot out. It reminded us of this amazing scene in TV program Spaced, and made us laugh along with the rest of the fans.

As the night came to a close, you could feel the audience willing the concert to continue for longer yet; everyone was having so much fun. After sad goodbyes, Super Junior came back on for an encore stage. Rocking out and going crazy to their last songs, the audience took these last moments to enjoy what was left. The last surprise Super Junior had for us fans was a brief but hilarious appearance from EXO leaders, Kris and Suho! After some dad-at-wedding level dancing from them, and many cheers from the fans, they ran off as soon as they could, Kris looking particularly embarrassed. Don’t worry Kris, we still love you.

The concert had come to an end, and fans begrudgingly started to find their way home, but the memories that Super Junior have given us all will stay with us for years to come. It was a hugely fun concert and the group really put their all into every song and worked hard to interact with their European fans. The amount of flags in the arena was seriously impressive with ELF’s coming together from all over Europe and Super Junior proved why they were worth it. Super Shows have a legendary reputation, filled with fan service and Super Junior at their comedy best and we’re so happy we got to experience it in London! Super Junior will be welcomed back with open arms if when they to return to our shores again, and hopefully they’ll have all their other members with them! Leeteuk, Yesung, Heechul we missed you!

Although Super Juniors may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they can no doubt entertain and show the world just why Kpop has become so popular and earned such a dedicated and supportive fan base.

ss5 London 4

If you’d like to see pictures from the night, please visit our Facebook page and you can see a playlist of videos we took here.


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