Korean Film Festival UK Tour 2013

And so the London Korean Film Festival has come to an end with an amazing and star studded closing gala. This year’s LKFF has been a lot shorter than previous years with just over a week of films in London. But that’s because the Korean Film Festival will now be going on tour! From 16 to 22 November, the Festival will be bringing Korean films to Oxford, Leeds-Bradford and St Andrews in Scotland! Why should London have all the fun? Film screening details below:

Wish Lee Joon ik LKFF 2013 Korean FilmOXFORD : Odeon Oxford George Street

George Street, Oxford OX1 2BL

Hope ~ Sat 16 November 2pm

Boomerang Family ~ Sat 16 November 4:30pm

Fist of Legend ~ Sun 17 November 2pm

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Mai Ratima LKFF 2013 Korean FilmLEEDS : Odeon Bradford-Leeds

Gallagher Leisure Park, Bradford BD3 7AT

Hide and Seek ~ Mon 18 November 6:30pm

Secretly, Greatly ~ Tues 19 November 6:30pm

Mai Ratima ~ Weds 20 November 6:30pm

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Rough Play LKFF 2013 Lee Joon Kim ki dukST ANDREWS : St Andrews NPH Cinema

117 North street, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9AD

Pluto ~ Thur 21 November 5:45pm

Rough Play ~ Fri 22 November 1:45pm

Secretly, Greatly ~ Fri 22 November 3:45pm

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Oxford, Bradford and St Andrews will be treated to some of the top picks from the London Korean Film Festival. First stop is Oxford and they better stock up on the tissues as they will be greeted with Hope, a film that made even the tough Mr Hangul Celluloid cry! The latest from one of our favourite Korean Directors Lee Joon-ik, Hope is an emotional tale based on a real, horrific and tragic crime. To find out more about this film make sure you check out Mr Hangul Celluloid’s amazing review here. Oxford will also be treated to the LKFF Closing Film Boomerang Family, a satirical comedy about a very dysfunctional family that will make you laugh, cringe and smile because at the end of the day, you can’t choose your family, you can only love whoever they are. With deep dark family secrets and rivaling siblings in their 30s and 40s, this is a very entertaining film lead by an amazing cast especially the iconic Youn Yuh-jung as the mother. And last but not least, a bit of action in the form of Korean Action King, Kang Woo-Suk’s latest film Fist of Legend.

Bradford will be treated to one of our favourite films from the LKFF Secretly, Greatly as well as the opening film Hide and Seek and Mai Ratima. Secretly, Greatly stars Kim Soo-hyun who seems to be South Korea’s Actor of the moment with his face adorning bill boards everywhere! But don’t let this put all you serious film fans off! About a team of elite North Korean spies, this film has everything, action, comedy, good looking spies and most importantly a good and well thought out plot. This film will no doubt please both male and female! If that isn’t action packed enough for you, there’s also the hit opening film Hide and Seek which had the London West end cinema gasping, screaming and shouting at the cinema screen in unison. A modern day thriller that will no doubt haunt you for the rest of your life, be prepared to jump! And then to calm Bradford down slightly is Mai Ratima, a story about love, but is it a love story? The Korean Film Festival will no doubt leave Bradford a little cynical and definitely paranoid.

St Andrew is very lucky as they will be treated to THE sold out film of the LKFF! Starring MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and based on a script by the legendary film director Kim Ki-duk, Rough Play first opened at the Busan International Film Festival to very successful screenings. A story about a rising actor, here we get to see the acting talents of Lee Joon but this film is far from your typical Idol film project. Rough Play gives us a very raw and dark view into the career of an actor with some extremely racy scenes! This is definitely a 18+! St Andrew will also get our favourite Secretly, Greatly as well as High School drama Pluto which was screened earlier this year at the Edinburgh Film Festival.


The Korean Film Festival team continues their hard work to bring Korean Film to the UK! More exciting film news is that a UK release date has been set for Kim Sung-soo’s The Flu which had it’s UK premier at the LKFF! A very real thriller about the common cold, you can make your commute to work that more terrifying thanks to CJ Entertainment from 22 November 2013. South Korea’s first viral epidemic smash hit which breaks the record for most extras hired in a South Korean film production! The Flu will be screened at the following Cineworld cinemas…

The Flu Korean Film UK release Korean Flim cineworld

THE FLU, Kim Sung-soo
released 22 November 2013

London: Shaftesbury Avenue, Wandsworth, Enfield

Regions: Cardiff, Glasgow Renfrew Street, Aberdeen Union Sq, Nottingham, Birmingham Broad St, Dublin, Sheffield


After smuggling illegal immigrants into the country, human trafficker is infected with an unknown virus and dies in a hospital in the highly populated metropolis of Bundang, a suburb of Seoul. Less than 24 hours after the death of the first patient, similar cases and symptoms are being reported all over the city. Helpless against the airborne virus, the population of Bundang is plunged into chaos as the infection rate soars. In a desperate measure to attempt to prevent the spread of the outbreak to the capital, the rest of Korea and beyond, the government orders a complete shutdown of the city. An apocalyptic Bundang is divided into quarantine zones, as the fight for survival become increasingly personal. as some risk their lives to save those they love, while some risk others to save their own lives…

Catch it while you can! (The Film not the Flu!)


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