The Hallyu Stage Kpop Showcase

LOKO London hallyu Stage Kpop showcase

Established in 2011, the London Kpop Dance Workshops have become one of the biggest and most active Kpop Communities in the UK. With regular workshops that bring Kpop fans together to have fun and learn dances, the LoKo team, who are the organisers and teachers, have given UK Kpop fans a place to share their passion, make new friends and most importantly, get fit and healthy! The London Kpop Workshops first began as an idea from the LoKo Mama Tammy and two years later after a lot of hard work, sweat and happy tears, the LoKos have earnt themselves a large and loyal fan base.

Not content with keeping the UK Kpop community happy, social and healthy, the LoKo Mama has taken one step further and has been busy organising a Kpop Showcase called The Hallyu Stage! This very special event is a chance for UK Kpop fans to show the world how passionate we are about Kpop. Bringing Kpop fans together, this showcase also aims to promote Kpop in the UK, showing off the massive and talented community we have!

The Hallyu Stage!

London Hallyu stage Kpop showcaseThis show is to educate people about the Hallyu Wave and the Kpop community here in the UK. It’s a showcase where Kpop fans will express their passion for Kpop and how it has had a positive impact despite the language barrier. The show will feature many UK Kpop cover dancers and singers. Hosted by your favourite Kpop Reaction Youtubers, KSpazzing.

Date and Time:

Saturday 14th December 2013 – Doors 6pm, Show 7pm


The Greenwood Theatre, 55 Weston Street, London SE1 3RA
Nearest tube station – London Bridge


Buy and reserve tickets £10 (email:
Pay at the door tickets £13

Part of the ticket sales proceeds will be donated to St Mary’s Orphanage in Seoul, who are currently planning the childrens’ Christmas


Team LoKo, KSpazzing, 9034K, SOULdiers, Incognito, Kpopsteve, S.O.U.Ldiers, Kpop Academy Graduates: Maia & Armani Gouveia and Keanu Belger, DS Dancers (Paris), Cherelle Thompson and students from the London KPop Dance Workshop!

Check out the official Facebook event page now and don’t forget to subscribe to the LoKo’s Facebook page!

If you would like to get involved or help out with the showcase such as sponsorship and promotions, contact the LoKos via:

Here we have a interview with Tammy to find out more about the showcase and what’s to come from the LoKo team:


KCM: We know you’ve probably been asked this 1000 times, but what made you want to start the Kpop dance workshops and the LoKos?

TAMS: What made me want to start the workshops… Well, I wanted to learn Kpop dances and I was youtubing them and watching them like a million times, and when I watched them, some of the people in the videos were doing some of the sequences wrong and I thought people want to learn the dances and they need someone to teach them. So I thought it may be a good idea for someone to teach them, and that’s where the initial idea came from.

DSC_0517KCM: You’ve had your 2nd Anniversary workshop, did you ever imagine that’s where you’d be able to be when you started?

TAMS: No, not at all. It was meant to be workshops just during the school holidays, like Christmas, Summer, and half-term, but we ended up doing a workshop every month. It’s just grown like that.

KCM: What’s been your most emotional workshop?

TAMS: Emotional, hmmm, I don’t know. The 1st year anniversary workshop I felt very emotional. I felt like the workshops were a dream I’d had, an idea, and then it was all coming true and I realised how passionate about it all I was, and I cried a lot. At the 2nd anniversary workshop I cried a lot as well, but this time round I felt more appreciative towards my team and I felt like they were my family now.

The Hallyu Stage Kpop Showcase – 14th December 2013

KCM: Tell us about your showcase in December?

TAMS: Well, the showcase that’s coming up is to help promote Kpop here in the UK. It’s called ‘The Hallyu Stage’, and will be held on December 14th and will involve some of the Kpop dance teams that already exist in the UK, the LoKos and students from the workshops as well that we hand-picked, asking if they wanted to join the show. Basically, trying to help Kpop here in the UK, and trying to educate Kpop fans’ friends, families or parents who may be thinking ‘why are they listening to Korean music?’, showing them what it’s all about and why we listen to the music.

KCM: What can Kpop fans expect from the showcase?

TAMS: Singing, dancing, having fun, just everything that Kpop’s given to us to enjoy. We just want to replicate and represent it well.

KCM: What can we expect from the LoKos in the future?

TAMS: More workshops and there are a few ideas I have in terms of involving Kpop fans, but until my idea’s are solid I won’t say anything more. For the workshops, maybe bringing in more people and a different style to Kpop dancing.


So make sure you get your tickets for one of the biggest event by the UK Kpop community, bring your friends and family and share your passion with them! Show them what Kpop is all about! Don’t forget to subscribe to the LoKos to keep up to date on their regular workshops via their Facebook page here.


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