Flavours of Korea

Flavours of Korea London November

Calling all foodies! After a summer of delicious Korean inspired fast food, how about something a little more up market and slightly better for the waist line? InterContinental Hotel Park Lane are currently holding a very exciting Food Festival Season at their Cookbook Cafe. 22-30 November will see Flavours of Korea bought to us by the very jolly and skilled Executive Chef Bae Han-chul of  the Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas. Chef Bae will be treating Londoners to his modern interpretation of classic Korean cuisine.

We had the chance to sample some of the food on offer and we can’t praise it enough. Great thought has been put into the flavours and textures and each dish is deliciously put together. The menu is beautifully simple yet offering many of the iconic flavours of Korean food such as beef tartar with the delicious signature sesame flavour and the most succulent piece of halibut with red chilli paste sauce. Our mouths salivating as we type…!

Flavours of Korea London Chef BAe Han chul

If you want to try Chef Bae’s Flavours of Korea menu, there are two options on offer:

Weekday lunch for £18
(soup and buffet)

Flavours of Korea London Chef Bae

Pinenut Porridge ~ A traditional rice porridge finished with Korean pine nuts and sesame oil

Main Courses
Grilled Halibut ~ Halibut supreme with red chilli paste sauce
Bibimbap ~ Sizzling hot Rice and grilled vegetables with Korean condiments
Chicken roulade in Chicken Ginseng broth, Ginko nuts and chives

Yaksik ~ Sweet rice with nuts
Gyeongdan ~ sweet rice balls with coconut and sesame seeds,
Green tea jelly and Patbingsu ~ a crushed ice desert with fresh fruit and red beans

Set Menu Dinner for £35
(family-style dishes, including a welcome Soju cocktail)

Flavours of Korea London Chef

Beef tartar with quail egg and pear
Chicken roulade in chicken ginseng broth

Main (Served Family Style)
Marinated and grilled beef Sirloin with mushrooms
Seafood Japchae Noodles
Grilled Halibut ~ Halibut supreme with red chilli paste sauce
Bibimbap ~ Sizzling hot Rice and grilled vegetables with Korean condiments

Omija Punch and seasonal fruits
Korean rice cake and rice cookie with rice punch

To take a closer look at the menus, click here to see sample market table lunch and click here to see sample dinner menu on the Cookbook Cafe website.

Not only is Chef Bae a lovely and friendly man, he, along with all the other chefs from South Korea, are food artists! We highly recommend the halibut and we cannot get enough of the grilled beef sirloin. Halibut is a beautiful piece of fish that really holds its bite and combined with the beautiful red chilli paste that had just the right amount of spice and flavour, it was perfection. We were offered quite a large slice of the beef sirloin which melted in our mouths and had us raving about it for a solid 10 minutes. The japchae was again delicious and came with massive chunks of tasty scallops and a generous helping of seafood. This is possibly one of the most exquisite Korean meals we have had in the UK! The desserts were also a great treat to round up the meal, with the yaksik (sweet rice with nuts) and yakhwa giving us a sweet kick to end the meal.

Flavours of Korea London Menu

Also, if you’re over 18, why not try out some of the delicious alcoholic beverages available, specifically chosen by Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas’ sommelier, who was looking beautiful in a hanbok on the evening we attended. We particularly loved the omija punch, which had a lovely raspberry flavour with just the right amount of alcoholic kick to it.

These sets are also perfect to introduce Korean food to newbies as the dishes are simple and won’t scare off the unadventurous and each set offers you a taste of the many signature flavours of Korea. So what are you waiting for?! InterContinental Hotel is a beautiful venue with very friendly and helpful staff. And with these super team of chefs flying all the way from South Korea, it would be rude not to give it a try!

For more information make sure you check out the Cookbook cafe website for full menu and booking details. Ends this Saturday!


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