One Great Step: Infinite in London Concert Review

Infinite London One Great Step

As November comes to an end, UK Kpop fans say goodbye to an epic month after being visited by not one or two but THREE Kpop groups. The turn out for Infinite’s concert was impressive, with the exception of Kpop veterans Big Bang and Super Junior at Wembley Arena, the Infinite crowd must be one of the biggest. Dedicated Infinite fans, known as Inspirits, started queuing the night before for Infinite’s first London performance on Wednesday and as everyone waited for the concert to start, all sang along to the Infinite music videos on screen; it was a truly touching moment.

As the lights went down and the screams became deafening, we were greeted with terrifying words on screen: “Music is Dead. Keep Silence. Infinite is dead.” What a dramatic and worrying start to the concert! But never fear, like all the big world tours, Infinite’s One Great Step had a theme, a story to tell. In a totalitarian state music has been banned and Infinite have been forced to retreated into darkness; kind of like a darker version of Footloose. Infinite have been separated and are all battling for survival, for each other and most importantly, for music. With such a dramatic start, Infinite burst onto stage with their latest single Destiny.

Infinite London One Great Step

Infinite are renowned for their strong and powerful dances, their intricate choreography and super in-sync style and we were seriously impressed. Infinite were every bit as slick and flawless as their reputation. They put their all into all their performances and it was amazing to be able to see Infinite’s choreography live. Infinite performed all their top singles from their debut, Come Back Again, to ballads complete with boyband style stools.

We were treated to duets from Sungyeol and super fabulous DJ Sungjong, who worked the stage and gave fan service to the max, even jumping into the audience and causing a frenzy. Of course the amazing Infinite H, Hoya and Dongwoo performed their hit single Special Girl which had the whole venue singing along. There were also swoon-worthy solo stages from the cheesy and romantic L, the beautiful vocalist Woohyun and the powerful Sunggyu. Each member was able to demonstrate their personal skills and charm which drove European Inspirits crazy.

Infinite are all extremely handsome (obviously), muscly and toned from their strong and energetic routines. They had girls screaming at every muscle flex, which were even visible from the very back of the venue. As they stripped off to tank tops to perform their single Paradise, the crowds went absolutely insane. Infinite made a lot of effort to interact directly with their European fans with Sunggyu, Hoya and Dongwoo especially speaking completely in English. During his solo stage Woohyun even did a ridiculous mad dash and ran up to the balcony to greet seated fans. We noticed that Dongwoo was also constantly looking up to the balcony and interacting with the often neglected seated crowd, making sure all fans felt the Infinite love. You can see why Inspirits are such dedicated fans as the group really show their fans appreciation. There was even one very special stage on the One Great Step tour where Infinite gave back to their fans via paper planes or in London’s case, dolls! Such charmers!

Infinite London One Great Step Woohyun Sungyeol

One problem we found with the night was the audio, Infinite performed with a live band on stage, but a lot of the time the music from the band was too overpowering which drowned out the vocals during Infinite’s more uptempo tunes. But Infinite were professional and impeccable. Infinite’s fans were also absolutely amazing as many of the fans were dancing along to Infinite, some of them pulling off the routine flawlessly! And even though there was a language barrier between Infinite and their fans in London, Inspirits sang along to all the songs loudly and proudly.

As Infinite’s concert went on, there were more adorable (and somewhat pervy) video skits, but as the night came to an end and poor L had been kidnapped by the music hating government, how would Infinite save the world from a dull future? Great thought had been put into the One Great Step tour video story which we really enjoyed. As everything builds up to a dramatic climax, with  Infinite facing a barricade of heavily armed soldiers, it all came to an end with one of the most iconic war imageries in the world; Dongwoo steps up with a flower, a symbol of peace and love and inserts it into the gun barrel, and so ends all the hate! What a beautiful (and amazingly cheesy) journey Infinite has taken us on. The world indeed needs Dongwoo’s cheerful cheesy grin forever!

Happy Belated Birthday Dongwoo!

Happy Belated Birthday Dongwoo!

It was an amazing night at the Hammersmith Apollo. Although there were horror stories of fans getting crushed in the front crowds and we saw a worrying amount of girls having to be carried out, we hope everyone managed to enjoy the night. Being so far away from South Korea, we can all get a bit over excited when our favourite bands come over but please take care of yourselves and your fellow Kpop fans!

The overall atmosphere of the night was amazing. We saw fans from all over Europe proudly waving their flags as well as fans all the way from Japan! Things got really emotional for Infinite towards the end of the night as many of the members got teary eyed over the overwhelming support of Inspirits in London. This has been one of our favourite Kpop concerts in London and we hope Infinite will come back soon!

Infinite London One Great Step

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3 responses to “One Great Step: Infinite in London Concert Review

  1. the concert was so good i had so much fun, i was a infinite fan before but after the concert i felt like more of a fan. I hope they come back cause the concert was worth the money.

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