Local Foreigners’ Story: Souvenirs from Seoul Exhibition

Souvenirs From Seoul The Exhibition2

[Local Foreigners’ Story: Souvenirs from Seoul Exhibition]

12TH– 15TH DECEMBER 2013

Thu to Sat – 9.00 to 21.30 | Sun – 9.00 to 17.00

Location: Goldsmiths, University of London

New Academic Building | Atrium, Lower Ground Floor | New Cross, SE14 6NW


To RSVP : localforeignerstory@gmail.com, Facebook event

The most trivial thing for a local can become treasure for a foreigner…

South Korea is a country loved by many and 2013 has seen the interest in Korean culture grow and expand in the UK. But what exactly do people love about the country? South Koreans are often amazed and touched by the passion people have for their country and wonder what exactly makes us love South Korea so much. Up-coming exhibition explores this as they talk to foreigners and ask about their souvenirs from Seoul as well as talking to locals to help them rediscover their appreciation for the capital city.


The Local Foreigners’ Story: Souvenirs from Seoul started with a question, “As both residents and outsiders, in what ways do foreigners living in Seoul perceive the city?” This exhibition brings together foreign perspectives from both Seoul and London, sharing the stories of individuals and their unique connections with South Korea’s capital city.

In Seoul, ‘Local Foreigners’ (foreign residents of Seoul) were asked how they perceive the city through what they see, hear , smell, touch, taste and discover . In London, residents who have been to, or have a relationship with Seoul were asked to share their souvenirs in the form of objects, memories, observations and imaginings. This exhibition showcases these physical and imaginary ‘treasures’ , displaying them alongside art works inspired by the idea of being a foreigner in Seoul.

Our aim is to encourage audiences to become ‘city explorers’, creating their own Seoul and as a result potentially re-discovering something of their own city.

So come and discover everyone’s view and story of one of the most bustling capitals in the world and why not share your story of South Korea too. We got a little inspired a created a little collage of our own little souvenirs from Seoul. What are your souvenirs from South Korea?



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