Year of the 4 Actors: Ha Jung-woo

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2013 is coming to a close, and with it the KCC UK’s ‘Year of the 4 Actors’ is also close to its end. However, there’s still one actor left to visit London, and he’s a huge A-Lister! Last of the actors, but certainly not least, is Ha Jung-woo. Sexy actor, I mean,  professional actor Ha Jung-woo comes from a family of actors, and was bitten by the acting bug from an early age. Appearing early on in his acting career in indie and art-house films like The Unforgiven and Time, he not only gained recognition in Korea, but overseas too. He also managed to win the hearts of quite a few female fans early on his acting career. We can’t imagine why, obviously nothing to do with his dreamy looks.

The point at which he really came into the foreground was when he played the rather psychotic murderer in awesome film The ChaserHe’s often shows audiences that he’s a versatile actor by going from serious and deadly characters, like that seen in The Chaser, to lovable but confused by life types as seen in Love Fiction. Not content with acting, he’s now stepped into the world of directing with his first film Fasten Your Seatbelt. He’s also published his own essays which contain his personal drawings! What a talented guy.

From reading his interviews, Ha Jung-woo seems like a very playful, mischievous and happy-go-lucky kind of guy. If you want to find out more about him as a person, I’d say read this self-interview he did, it gives you an interesting look at his life and his thoughts, you can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here! We can’t wait to get to see him in the UK next week, he seems like a right laugh!

hajungwoo films

The KCC UK, who have been organising this amazing year long project of bringing out four huge Korean actors, have shown some of Ha Jung-woo’s best films so far. The UnforgivenBeastie BoysThe Yellow Sea and The Berlin File have all been shown so far. For Ha Jung-woo’s London visit The Terror Live is the film on offer, along with a Q&A session after the film with him.

This will be an amazing opportunity for the audience to be able to ask all their burning questions. As Ha Jung-woo has played a huge range of characters during his career, and has now even directed there’s lots of ask the actor about. He manages to continually shape his career in a way that takes him into new types of roles and areas within the film industry, a very versatile man who’ll no doubt have many interesting stories to tell! Tickets for next week’s film and Q&A sold out very quickly, showing what a popular man Ha Jung-woo is not only in his own country but abroad too.

The Korean Cultural Centre are currently sending out reminders and asking people to release seats if they can no longer make it so make sure you keep an eye out on the KCCUK website as there might be some last minute seats! If you can no longer make it to the screening, make sure you inform the KCCUK to allow another Korean Film fan a chance to see Ha Jung-woo in action!

We wish Ha Jung-woo will have a great time in London and gain inspiration from the city for the next stop in his career!


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