KCCUK: K-Fashion Odyssey


K-Fashion Odyssey

Location: Korean Cultural Centre UK

Dates: 4 February – 2 March 2014

F is for February and FASHION! With London Fashion week coming up next month and seeing designers such as J.JS Lee and Eudon Choi becoming regulars at the biggest fashion events in London, the KCC has taken this chance to turn the Cultural Centre into a fashion haven!

K-Fashion Odyssey exhibition documents the explosion of creativity springing from young Korean designers, graduates of the most prestigious fashion schools across Europe. Through five varied installations presenting films, garments and headdresses, the exhibition offers stories from the brightest, most exciting new wave of experimental artistic talents and their South Korean roots.

And the stars of the exhibition are:

Chloe Kim

Kim is a modest designer who was originally interested in Fine Art before taking the plunge into fashion. For her final collection in 2012 during her time at the highly praised Central Saint Martins, she combines her love of art with fashion to create some stunning and unique pieces. Her first inspiration was said to be Miss Haversham in Great Expectations as well as “this girl who lives with the trees”. “The girl who inspires me is just an imaginary character, she might not be human and she is pure and free. I imagined her living in a forest where trees and flowers grow on her body. I thought this idea would be interesting to make into garments, and I really loved drawing trees and lines, so it was really fun working during the whole process. In fact, I was using lots of shredded and distressed lace for textures that look really like the trees, like the living trees that are still growing on her body.” ~ Chloe Kim interview with 1Granary

images from : Fashion156.com

The result was some truly striking pieces made up of bundles and bundles of delicate fabrics, bunched together to make some amazing textures. Along with all the pastel hues, the collection feels beautifully romantic and elegant. Make sure you check out this video from Crane.tv to find out a bit more about Chloe Kim:

Chloe Kim Links: Twitter, Tumblr

Gigi Jeehyun Jung

Jung’s work is wacky and edgy. Her nickname is “Giant Lady” due to her 175CM height but she’s a child at heart as she likes collecting toys and has what she calls, a creative humour ~ Source. Her final collection at Central Saint Martins is about childhood nostalgia and kidult which reflect her humour and personality. Inspired by Tim Burton’s Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Gigi says: “This is about eccentric man-child Pee-Wee Herman who embarks on the biggest adventure of his life across the US mainland, as he sets out to find his beloved bike when it is stolen in broad daylight. I analysed Peewee’s character and tried to focus on his tendency of childhood nostalgia. All box shaped garments are made bright, fun and colourful in leather, suede, fur and wool to express warmth and childish innocence. Moreover, to add a toyish and fun element, I put thousands of pins on the boxes to make three-dimensional shapes on the garment. And I made basic inners by digitally printing my own illustrations from research. I produced fun and cute accessories, which match with each outfit by using real toys. I put my all efforts into making fun and delightful outfits like the kidult, Peewee who has a childish and pure mind.” ~ From CSM Womenswear 2012 profile

Jung puts a lot of thought into her fun, bright and colourful pieces. When adorned, they make the models look like giant dolls and toys and definitely would not look out of place on the set of a Tim Burton film!

Hyein Seo

Hyein Seo says her current inspirations are: “Teenager movies, school uniforms, and street and hip­ hop culture” ~ Space 15 Twenty. You can just about imagine how awesome and cool it must be in her mind. Seo is currently doing her masters at Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium and her last collection entitled Fear Eats The Soul is described as a mixture of old horror movies and street wear. Seo says: “This year my collection started off with this cinematic character with a unique atmosphere from old horror films. Because of it’s old­ fashion effect, I feel more humorous than scared. In those movies, there’s always beautiful a rich woman who becomes the victim. She wears luxury fur coats with lots of jewels, red lips, pale skins. It’s cliche for horror film heroines, but then I wanted to make this woman young and contemporary. So I mixed this gothic horror atmosphere with street culture, yet it has humor in it.” ~ Space 15 Twenty

GDragon Crooked Hyein Seo Fur coat

G-Dragon wearing Hyein Seo’s coat

Seo’s pieces are wearable and totally spot on for the trendy streets of London. One of her coats even made an appearance in Big Bang GD’s Crooked MV which was shot in Shoreditch!

Hyein Seo links : Antwerp Profile

Narae Park

Park’s collection has been described as ‘ Very Chic Korean Cleaning Lady’ (source) and reflects Park’s interest in sustainable fashion. Park is another student from Central Saint Martin and one of her collections featured a very interesting use of everyday items such as buckets, laundry bags and even a bright pink mug as a hat! But Park’s piece don’t look like crazy budgeted student art projects, we’ve all seen that Tesco plastic bag dress. Instead Park manages to make all these recycled plastic material into high fashion pieces with interesting cuts and beautiful prints:

Who knew a bucket could be so trendy! Park’s creativity is admirable and we can’t wait to see what she has planned for her next collections if this is what she can do with “rubbish” materials! Check out Narae Park’s collection in motion:

Narae Park Links: Website

Rejina Pyo

Rejina Pyo is the designer behind the amazing pieces on the K-Fashion Odyssey flyers, a fellow Central Saint Martin’s graduate, Rejina Pyo now has her own more wearable label which very excitingly has just become available at Fenwicks department store on New Bond Street! Rejina’s pieces are often described as effortless, clean cut and pro-powerful women. The strong lines in her garments create elegant silhouettes and are all beautifully simple and classic. Rejina states: “The REJINA PYO aesthetic is effortless, intelligent and quietly confident. My woman is at the top of her chosen field, bright and interesting with a strong presence. Someone who knows what she wants.” ~ Interview with Flux Magazine

Regina Pyo London Korean Fashion Fenwicks

Regina Pyo at Fenwicks

Rejina Pyo was able to fulfil her dreams of building her own label after winning the Han Nefken Fashion Award which included a cash prize and a commission to do another collection for one of the oldest museum in the Netherlands. This solo exhibit entitled ‘Structural Mode’ is considered a statement collection which plays on the boundaries between wearable garments and art; turning these beautiful garments of fashion into works of art and beautiful sculptures.

Rejina Pyo links: website, Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr

We are very much looking forward to see what all the Designers will be bringing to the Korean Cultural Centre. There is a very special opening reception on 4th February 18:30 – 20:30. To RSVP for the opening, contact info@kccuk.org.uk, otherwise this exhibition is free and open to all of the public.  The K-Fashion Odyssey exhibition will be on from 4th February to 2nd March so don’t miss out on your chance to see some great works of fashion!


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