The Year of Film Professionals – Korean Film Nights 2014

KCCUK Year of Film Professionals

They gave us Directors, they gave us Actors, now the Korean Cultural Centre UK will be bringing us some key characters of the Korean film industry, those working in the background to make our favourite movies the masterpieces that we know and love. This is the third and last year of the Korean Film Nights project and this year’s programme will be focusing on Screenplay, Music, Cinematography and Production Design; the four critical elements of filmmaking. This will be a brilliant year where UK Korean film fans can delve deep into the industry and really gets to know the workings of Korean cinema. Each quarter will see 4-6 film screenings, accumalating to a Q&A and workshop event that will be attended by one of Korea’s top industry professional, the often forgotten heros behind the screen.

This years screenings started last month with one of our favourites I Saw the Devil and it has now been announced that we will be visited by the very talented screen writer Park Hoon-jung. Park was also responsible for other Korean Cinema epics such as The Show-down, New World and the very intense and clever The Unjust. Interestingly, these are the only four films in Park’s CV and he also played Director to New World and The Show-down. We’re curious to hear how Park Hoon-jung manage to have such a small but seriously impressive Filmography!

KCCUK Park Hoon-jung

Park is known for his keen knowledge of thrillers as displayed in his selection of films which cover all the main concepts of the genre: revenge, period piece, police vs gangsters underworld and the shady prosecutors officer; Park knows how to create a good thriller! With his debut screenplay I Saw the Devil, which became popular domestically and internationally, many see him as the man who brought back “Asian Extreme” before everything got a bit too romcom. But it’s not just all mindless blood and guts, many of Park’s film are written with great heart and questions today’s society, its morals and the ethical ambiguities we face.

Korean Film screenwriter Park Hoon-jung

Image by Lee Jung Hun as printed in KCCUK brochure

Every human being is political I believe. There aren’t too many films still that continue to explore power issues, and I remain interested in the topic and continue to choose films that examine this. If we have to give a genre category to the contempo-rary world, I would consider it as epic noir. Essentially I want to tell stories about gangsters doing politics while wearing ties.
~ Park Hoon-jung, Interviewed by Kim Gyu-han 2013

The Unjust was first screened by the London Korean Film Festival which was attended by Director Ryoo Seung-wan. The Unjust is an intense film full of twists, turns and betrayals and paints a terrible picture of the Korean justice system, during Director Ryoo’s visit he constantly stressed that this was just a film and that he loves South Korea very much; we imagine the film could have landed him in a bit hot water. So it’ll be interesting to meet the writer of the story and see what he has to say!

So far we have had two Park Hoon-jung film screenings, I Saw the Devil and The Unjust. But there are two more screenings to come including the finale where Director/Screenwriter Park Hoon-jung will be talking to and answering questions from the UK Public:

KCCUK Park Hoon-jung

The Showdown (2010)

Thursday 13 March 7pm at KCCUK

New World (2013)
+ Q&A with Park Hoon-jung

Thursday 27 March 7pm at KCCUK

Park Hoon-jung The  Showdown New World

Thank you to the KCCUK for yet another exciting year of films and special guests and after looking into the screenwriting side of things, there’s still 3 more aspects of the Korean film industry to explore and more special guests too!

FEB – MAR : Park Hoon-jung, Screenwriting

APR – JUN : Chung Chung-hoon, Cinematography

JUL – SEP : Cho Yeong-wook, Film Music

OCT – DEC : Ryu Sung hee, Production Design

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