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Korrito Korean Bbq meat bulgogi

There was a huge craze with Korean Street food last year, but being street food without permanent addresses, it can be hard to locate, we ourselves are yet to try Kimchinary and Galbi Bros properly, and now that Kimchi Cult has moved up north, it’s not as easy to get our Korean fast food fix. Luckily places like Jubo now offer takeaways but during these spring months, there’s nothing better than sitting out in the “sunshine”/rain, whilst munching on some hot spicy Korean food.

Experience the mouth watering and mind blowing combination of authentic Korean Barbecue and Mexican Burrito ~ Korrito Website

Korrito Korean Real Food Market London Southbank

Our latest discovery which is fast becoming our weekend tradition (we have been back 3 Saturdays straight!) is Korrito aka the Korean BBQ Burrito. Firstly, this combination is genius and if Joey Tribbiani was still around he would say: Korean BBQ, Good. Kimchi fried rice, Good. Burrito, GOOD! Burritos are amazing, not sure exactly what it is but something about having all the hot ingredients wrapped together in a warm cozy tortilla and the way it’s so easy to eat, who doesn’t love a burrito? For a moment we were all just standing there like happy kids, holding onto our warm bundles of deliciously marinated meats, kimchi fried rice and melted cheese with both hands. Lucky for us Korrito are regulars at the Real Food Market on Southbank which operate not one, not two, but THREE days a week! So they’re never too far away when our Korean BBQ Burrito cravings hit! Huzzah!

We are commited to making delicious food with only the highest quality ingredients. Our British free-range meats are marinated using authentic Korean ingredients sourced directly from South Korea and our kimchi is homemade with a recipe passed down through generations of our family ~ Korrito Website

Korrito Menu Korean Street food UK

Now we all know how terrifying it can be ordering food especially when you’re not familiar with the cuisine and Korrito is a pretty new concept; we’re sure we are not the only ones who got confused when we ordered our first subway sandwich! The people at Korrito are very friendly and helpful and here to talk you through it along with their simple and straight forward menus. Here’s how it goes at Korrito:

1. Choose your meal type – You can have your Korean BBQ meat in 3 different ways, in a burrito, rice box or a salad box for those of you counting carbs. We of course recommend the burrito, obviously.

2. Choose your protein aka meat! – You have 3 choices:

  • Spicy Pork Belly (SPICY) – Korean pear-infused sweet and spicy marinade, a marinade passed through the family generation to generation and Korrito’s most popular choice!
  • Bulgogi Beef – Korean pear-infused Bulgogi marinade, a traditional Korean marinade and slightly milder for those who can’t handle too much spiciness
  • Buldak Chicken (FIERY) – Fiery spicy Gochujang marinade, the clue is in the FIERY bit! You have been warned!

Korrito Korean Street food London Southbank UK

3. Choose your rice – You can’t have a Burrito without rice, it’s like the soft comfy mattress of a bed, we only saw Kimchi fried rice although the menu does offer sticky rice too but unless you have some deadly allergy to kimchi fried rice, one should always go kimchi fried!

4. Salads – Green stuffs! It’s actually very important as it gives the burrito an extra texture, adding another level of awesomeness. There’s leafy salad, salsa made from fresh tomatoes and a choice of extra chillis for those insane types!

5. Spicy gochujang sauce? Yes please!

– Korrito also sells a selection of popular Korean drinks and pots of homemade kimchi!

Korrito Spicy Pork Belly Burrito Korean Food UK 01

Korrito Spicy Pork Belly Burrito – Top Tip, ask them to cut it in half for easy sharing eating

For research purposes (obviously, not because we’re greedy), we ordered the most popular option which is the spicy pork belly and personal favourite bulgogi beef in burritos with kimchi fried rice, both were also accompanied with melted cheese and salad. These was amazing, so warming and full of flavour. The pork was beautifully cooked, soft and succulent with a nice spicy kick which is balanced out by the refreshing crunchy salad and cool salsa. The combination of beef and melted cheese is a classic pairing you just can’t fault but this was upgraded by the amazing Korean marinade. All wrapped up in a soft and warm tortilla on a bed of yummy kimchi fried rice. There’s just something very satisfying about eating a burrito, maybe it’s the primitive way it is eaten with no fussy utensils necessary. We simply love this spicy Korean twist to this Mexican classic. It was also surprisingly easy and mess-free to eat as the burrito was expertly wrapped by the lovely people at Korrito. Our bellies were very satisfied!

Korrit Bulgogi Beef borrito Korean Street food

Korrito Bulgogi Beef Burrito with melted cheese… Mmmmmm

We also had the bulgogi beef rice box just to try the variety available at Korrito. The rice box allowed us to try the meat and kimchi fried rice alone and really appreciate all the individual flavours. The kimchi fried rice was fluffy, soft and nicely seasoned and the bulgogi perfectly marinated and not too spicy, perfect for Korean food newbies! (Spicy gochujang sauce optional, but delicious!)

Korrito Bulgogi rice box

Where to find Korrito:

Real Food Market at the Southbank
(closest tube station: Waterloo)
Address: Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road,
London, SE1 8XX
Friday – 12:00 – 20:00, Saturday – 11:00 – 20:00,
Sunday 12:00 – 18:00

We love Korrito and think we’ve found our new food obsession, packed full of flavours and spices all wrapped up and so convenient to eat. It’s so simple and is the ultimate comfort food for the weekend, we also imagine it to be good for all seasons, you can even eat it one handed for when the British summer comes; umbrellas ahoy! So why not take a trip down to the Real Food Market this weekend and check out a Korean Burrito! We also recommend the chocolate cake at the cake stand further down…

If we haven’t even you enough reasons to check out Korrito, make sure you take a look at their three-part mini series on Korean cuisine coming next month. A project by Joo who is Korrito’s founder, born in Korea but raised in London from the age of three, she left the corporate world in order to run Korrito. This mini series which is sponsored by Korea Foods Co. Ltd and funded by Kickstarter will be exploring Korean Cuisine, past, present and future, showcasing the flavours in South Korea but also taking a look at the growing Korean food scene in London. This series will also feature fabulous and fashionable celebrity chef and Sunday Times Food Writer Gizzi Erskine, Head-chef of Smokehouse and Korean food connoisseur Neil Rankin and Roy Ackerman CBE whom they have penned as the wise Godfather of the UK food scene. We can’t wait! Check out the trailer:

For more info on the documentary click HERE and make sure you follow Korrito on Twitter and Facebook for updates!


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