Kimchi and Kimbab classes in London

“You like eating Korean food? You love Bibimbap, Tofu Jjigae, Bulgogi and Kimchi? Why not try to cook them!

kimchi class 1Kimchi is slowly yet surely taking over London as more and more people become interested in Korean cuisine and all the trendy eateries are trying to work the cool ingredient into their menus. British cooking duo the Hairy Bikers even traveled all the way to Korea to learn how to make the stuff and now you can too without the expensive air ticket.

We’ve had the chance to make Kimchi before at a special SOAS Kimjang event but unfortunately it wasn’t open to everyone. It’s since become one of our most viewed post as many UK folk want to have a go at making the Korean delicacy themselves. Making Kimchi requires a lot of ingredients and preparation which can become quite a daunting event. But never fear! One Korean restaurant in London Yijo is here to save the day by starting a series of Korean cooking lessons which involve Kimchi and our much loved Kimbap! So now everyone has the chance to try their hand at making Kimchi under the guidance of a professional!

Our Chef, Jun Pyo Kwon aka JP, will teach you how to make these staple dishes of Korean cuisine and share with you some tips about what makes Korean food so delicious and healthy.

Located by Finchley Central tube station, very close to the station and away from the hustle and bustle of Central London, Yijo is a nice little Korean restaurant which feature real charcoal BBQs on the tables. And currently they have two different Korean cooking lessons on offer:

Kimchi class : £35 per person

Join us to learn how to make delicious Korean cabbage Kimchi! First, let’s start with a dish which is always one of the main features on a Korean table : Kimchi! Chef JP will show you how to prep the cabbage and will talk you through the process of fermenting. You will then make your own Kimchi and take it home! Chef JP will also tell you about other types of Kimchi and how to enjoy them. At the end of the class, you will be able to taste some of the Chef’s Kimchi with delicious bossam (boiled pork belly) and he will show you how to quickly cook Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Kimchi fried rice).

kimchi 2

Here you will get a hands-on learning experience on how to make your own Kimchi and you’ll even be able to take home the result of your first Kimjang. At the very reasonable price of £35, you’ll then get to try some “here’s some I made earlier” Kimchi by Chef JP with bossam, the perfect dish to compliment the spicy and refreshing taste of Kimchi. As well as a bonus lesson on Kimchi Bokkeumbap too, to demonstrate the many ways you can use your freshly made Kimchi!

Kimbap class : £30 per person

kimbapWith the Spring and the picnic season kicking in, why not try to learn how to make Korean Kimbap! Filled with various ingredients like marinated or cooked vegetable, and also meat or fish, bring some Kimbap next time you meet friends for a picnic in a park and be sure to impress! Also ideal for your lunch box. Chef JP will show you how to prep the rice and will talk you through different fillings recipes. He will also show you how to make Spinach Doenjang Soup. You will then make your own Kimbaps and take them home!

Oh delicious Kimbap. We have spoken about our love for this Korean snack many times and have even attempted it ourselves to an interesting result… It’s not as easy as it seems but with the help and guidance of Chef JP, we’re looking forward to a summer filled with Kimbap picnics out at Hyde Park! Come on British weather, don’t let us down!

There is a maximum of 6 people in each class making them intimate and ensures everyone gets the chance to talk with the Chef and ask questions. It’s a brilliant and fun way to get more into Korean cooking and cuisine and you’ll no doubt leave with some new skills to impress your friends and family with!

Next dates available :

Kimchi :
Monday 7th April 7pm-9.30pm

Kimbap :
Monday 14th April 7pm-9.30pm
Monday 28th April 7pm-9.30pm

If you can’t make these dates, don’t worry! More classes will be announced soon!!!

After a recent report of possible Kimchi shortages in the future, it’s great to see a Kimchi class widely available. Lets keep the art of authentic Kimchi alive!

To book for classes and stay up to date with upcoming dates make sure you subscribe to Yijo Restaurant via Facebook or Twitter (Yijo_Restaurant) or you can email them at

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