Bibigo Product Review: BBQ Sauces

Bibigo doesn’t just supply customers with delicious food in their London restaurants, they also sell some of their ingredients and products so people can recreate Korean dishes at home with ease.  With a range that includes sauces and condiments, among other tasty treats, there’s a good selection for cooks to choose from.

Armed with the Original BBQ sauce, we headed to the kitchen to test this item and to see how far our culinary skills could get us.

20140412_194947 (1)The Original Korean BBQ sauce comes in a 290g jar which amounts to marinating about 1.5kg of meat and lasts for 7 days once opened. According to CJ foods, you can “recreate the most authentic Korean BBQ flavours in your own kitchen with this Original CJ Bibigo Korean BBQ Marinade and Cooking Sauce. This sauce is most commonly used to marinate beef but can also be used as a sauce to stir-fry any protein or vegetables.”  Using this advice, we went for some simple recipes and did one beef and one tofu stir-fry with noodles.

It was a simple process and the sauce itself did most of the work. The label has a handy recipe on the jar for beef bulgogi, advising how much sauce to use compared to how much meat you’re using. At about 40g of sauce per 200g beef or equivalent, you can get a lot of mileage out of just one jar.  While marinating the beef and tofu for around 30 minutes as needed, we had ample time to chop up the chosen vegetables, get all the crockery ready and prepare the noodles. From there it was an easy job of throwing everything in a pan and frying it.

What we ended up with were two lovely stir-frys. The sauce went really well with both the beef and the tofu. The amount of sauce used was enough to provide the familiar bulgogi sauce taste; salty and slightly sweet, but not too overpowering compared to the other flavours in the dish. The taste was very similar to what we remember from bulgogi sauces in Korea and was also a huge hit with non-regular Korean food eaters in the house. The guide on how much to use was really helpful as we feel you could easily add too much sauce by accident. It also seems very economical, as you could get a few meals and snacks out of one jar.

We imagine you could use this sauce in a variety of ways, for example to use with marinating fish or shellfish, or by using it as a glaze. We even ended up dipping some chopped veg in the sauce while cooking! Diverse and delicious, we definitely recommend this.

You can buy these sauces from Bibigo’s London restaurant, where they have a small shop near the entrance.


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