B.A.P Live on Earth – London Attack!

BAP Live on Earth London

Powerful Kpop group B.A.P landed in London’s Brixton to delight fans last month. With a mix of out of this world vocals and strong dance routines, they were everything that we’ve come to expect and enjoy from a Kpop group. Here’s what went on!

BAP Live on Earth London

Arriving at the O2 Academy in Brixton, we were greeted by the happy and excited faces of fans queuing. A whole host of signs and posters were being held, all sure to make B.A.P know that the UK fans were out in force and ready to rock. Entry into the arena was efficient and calm, with staff on hand to help and pretty soon everyone was inside, ready and waiting. We were on the ground floor, so couldn’t see how full the balcony was, but it seemed like the venue was around 1/2 to 2/3 full on the floor. Not as packed as United CUBE’s concert was a few years back, but it was still a good turnout.

The concert started pretty much on the dot, with lights going down and a brief intro video talking about the how the world needs more love and less wars, all very educational. This was a theme that ran throughout the concert – the idea of love, what is it, how do we get it and how it can help the world. It was a nice, simple and clean message. These videos were accompanied by a lot of cool lighting and screen effects, which really did a great job in setting an atmosphere and pumping up the crowd. These effects were also used during songs, with lighting and images matching perfectly to each track.

Once the intro video had finished, it was time for the main event, with the band appearing on stage to screams and applause. One Shot was the first song performed, as slick and visually appealing as we’d all hoped. The styling, both hair and clothes, were all on point, not only for this song, but throughout the whole concert.

BAP Live on Earth London

One thing I was really impressed with was the stamina they all had. The dancing was amazing but looked like it would be thoroughly exhausting, yet somehow they all managed to do it with ease. It’s especially impressive as they’re performing overseas in consecutive concerts, probably suffering jet-lag too. Good work boys! As the dancing was so good, you might expect the vocals to have suffered, but we’re happy to say they were spot on too, with many high notes and ad-libs being belted out. The only bad thing to say about the sound quality was sometimes the backing track seemed too loud, so you couldn’t fully appreciate the live vocals.

BAP Live on Earth LondonThe mix of songs was good. There were old and new songs, aggressive and loud ones, as well as slow and sexy. It gave a chance for the group to show how well rounded their catalogue is. It also helped to pace the concert and provided the audience and the group with a chance to slow down slightly.

The group’s interaction with the audience was wonderful. They all looked happy and enthusiastic, projecting their positive vibes onto the spectators. There was also a fun interlude where the members picked out lucky audience members and gave them coffees and juice. It was nice touches like this that made the concert seem very intimate and friendly, and gave everything a great feel.

The concert was over before we all knew it, but of course the boys came back for an encore, giving the audience one last chance to enjoy themselves before it finished for good. The whole thing was a great experience and we’re glad they stopped by our island on their tour. We had a fun time and we’re positive the rest of the audience did too.

More photos of the concert can be seen at out Facebook page, here.

BAP Live on Earth London


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