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British Beauty addicts will no doubt be familiar with Cult Beauty, a website where self-confessed beauty junkies source some of the best cosmetics from all over the world and makes them available to the UK public. This website is a little haven for all those interested in beauty from skincare to make up and have won many awards such as Retail Website of the Year 2012 and Vogue’s 100 Best Places to Shop Online.

We are beauty curators. Rather than selling full beauty lines, we’ve created a shop where every product is chosen by a world-class expert panel – the professionals to whom the A-listers turn to when they need to look perfect – for its stand-alone brilliance. Cultbeauty.co.uk is an insider beauty hall of fame that you can shop in the knowledge that anything you buy will be ‘sell-your–granny’ good. Cult Beauty Facebook page

With a passion for beauty, it was only a matter of time before Cult Beauty hit South Korea and dipped their toes into the vast and overwhelming world that is Korean cosmetics. Compared to the UK, Korea’s beauty market is light years ahead with 10 step beauty routines and BB creams that UK companies are yet to match in terms of quality. Korean ladies are known for their flawless and dewy skin and finally we have access to some of their secrets!

Cult Beauty is a favourite for many as they bring you products their beauty curators have tried, tested and loved themselves, to ensure you always get the best from the beauty world. As the name suggests, it’s almost like being part of a cult who lets you in on all the beauty secrets from all around the world. This month, Cult Beauty brings us some must-have beauty products from Korean brand Mizon who are known for high quality products at reasonable prices, a factor which Cult Beauty has kept with items ranging from just £15 to £34.

Our top pick of the Mizon products available is the Multi Function Formula All in One Snail Repair Cream. Many followers of Korean beauty will no doubt know of the latest magical ingredient, snail slime. As gross as it sounds, snail slime is said to be great for moisture and helping the skin repair itself to baby softness: ‘Slime’ is produced by snails to protect their busy bodies from cuts, bacteria, UV radiation and the elements – accelerating cellular repair and renewal processes, to quickly ‘un-do’ damage and optimise cell efficacy. But don’t worry, you won’t be putting actual snail slime on your face, Mizon has taken the extract and made it into a very lovely multi-purpose All in One Snail Repair Cream.

With 92% snail secretion filtrate, this rich yet nourishing potion is perfect for dulled, lined, blemished or irritated skin types – soothing inflammation and fortifying skin to dramatically enhance its tone, texture and overall lustre. With adenosine and peptides to create a skin firming effect, beta glucan and copper tripeptide-1 to improve skin’s suppleness and elasticity, and mucin (from snail slime) to speed up cell turnover and diminish the appearance of dark spots and blemishes, this cream is the secret to beautiful skin.

Korean Skincare UK Cult Beauty Mizon Snail moisteriser

This moisteriser has all your skincare needs covered. Mizon’s All in One Snail Repair cream has a gel like texture with a very subtle and inoffensive scent. When applied it feels very light and silky on your skin, perfect for the summer time when you don’t want anything too heavy. It also sinks in straight away, leaving you with beautifully soft and smooth skin that’s not at all slimey. With long use, this moisteriser will help improve the moisture levels in your skin, leaving you with a beautifully soft and youthful complexion. And all this for only £18, a lot cheaper than many high end brands with the same claims. Bargain.

Cult Beauty has brought over a number of items from Mizon’s product range from moisturisers to combat all skin problems, sheet masks, to Korea’s unique Sleeping Packs, there’s something for everyone. We can’t wait to try more from Mizon; we’re very intrigued by the Egg White Bubble cleanser! If you’re interested but feeling a bit indecisive or overwhelmed, why not check out Cult Beauty’s list of Must-haves as a starting point to get introduced to Korean skincare.

Mizon must haves cult beauty

This latest offering from Cult Beauty makes affordable and quality Korean skincare available to the UK public and will hopefully get more people and suppliers interested in Korean products. Then maybe we’ll start seeing more and more of our Korean favourites available in the UK market and we won’t need to wait till our next trip to South Korea to stock up on sheet masks!!!

Check out the Mizon range at Cult Beauty now!

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