Taste of London with a Taste of Korea

IMG_7910For the past 5 days the annual Taste Of London food festival has been held in Regents Park, with the weather that we have had recently, this week was the best time to hold this delicious festival. This food festival introduces us to foods and drinks (alcohol included) from restaurants all over London that we may not have known about.


In previous years, Korea has had a limited number of stalls, usually around 2 or 3, however with the growing popularity of Korean food these past few years, the Korean stalls have increased to a massive 13! With the help of those at Korea Foods and a healthy number of volunteers, Korea has had their most successful year yet! With everyday seeing more and more customers for the Taste of Korea crew, you can just see that Korean food is still on the rise and is bound to keep going strong.

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The Taste of Korea crew set up stalls with free samples of Bulgogi (불고기), Korean Spicy Fried Chicken (닭갈비) to advertise the sauces used while cooking. Not only were there samples of the cooked food, the Taste of Korea crew had samples of almost everything on offer, really getting into the spirit of a food festival. This all aided their success this year as more and more people were coming with stories of how good these Korean snacks, food, drinks and alcohol was! A Korea Tourism stall  was also present with information on on how to win a holiday to Korea! These are just a small selection of what Korea Foods had on offer for the Taste of Korea this year.

Having spoken to a few friends encountered while browsing the stalls, we found out that Pepero, the Korean bear Hite and Shin Ramen have been very popular with the festival attendees.

Lets give a big thank you to Dan over at Korea Foods for setting up the largest Taste of Korea yet.



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