K-Culture Workshop Autumn 2014

The Korean Cultural Centre’s K-Culture Workshops are back this Autumn with an exciting edition! As usual there are the Minhwa Folk painting and Gayageum music lessons with additional levels so those who have completed previous courses can further their Gayageum skills. But now we have a course for those interested in Korea’s unique textile style, Jogakbo: Korean Traditional Patchwork!

We have written about the Minhwa Folk painting and Gayageum courses previously so to learn more about these courses please see our previous post here. But this Autumn sees a different traditional skill for all those passionate about Korea to master, Jogakbo!

Jogakbo kccuk London classJogakbo refers to the Korean traditional patchwork and is an expression of the Korean women’s sense of beauty and creativity. Having been passed down from generations for six centuries, this craft has been used mainly to create various household items and are usually sourced from leftover clothes.  The use of Jogakbo in modern times has been widespread and is generally used for designs of everyday accessories such as bags, pouches and breastpins.

Jogakbo is a form of Korean quilting/patchwork style where leftover cloth is recycled and hand sewn together to make larger multi-purpose cloths for the household. This practice dates back to about 200 years and was developed due to the beautiful curved lines of the traditional Hanbok. The special cuts of these traditional Korean clothing meant making a Hanbok would always result in many scrap pieces of beautiful material left over. So the resourceful ladies of Korea gathered everything, even the smallest piece of leftover cloth and would sew them all together to create a bigger recycled cloth which can be used for anything from blankets, clothing, to a multi-purpose Bojagi; a beautiful square piece of decorative cloth. Jogakbo are also known to embody the maker’s wish for the safety and happiness of their family as well as acting as a lucky charm.

We are very lucky in the UK to be given the chance to learn this traditional Korean craft. The practice and style of Jogakbo has not changed much over the years but it’s status rose as people came to appreciate and value the craftsmanship of Jogakbo; it’s also considered to be an art form.

In Jogakbo, every component contributes to the big picture, while maintaining its own character. It is somewhat reminiscent of the Cubist arts or Piet Mondrian’s Neo-Platicism of the twentieth century that expresses basic forms of beauty, embraces pure abstraction, and uses primary colours. By blending different colours and shapes into absolute harmony, the patchwork making has been a meditative practice for Korean women for generations ~ Studio Jogakbo

Jogakbo Korean culture classes UK London images from met museum

Examples of Jogakbo from the Met Museum’s Arts of Korea/Patchwork Textiles – Aug – Dec 2011 Source : Metmuseum.org

So don’t miss out on your chance for some very traditional and cultural experiences. There is something for everyone from music, to art and now textiles!

Details of the Gayageum Class

Details of the Minhwa Class

Details of the Jogakbo Class

– 12 Weeks
9th Sept – 25th Nov 2014
-18:30~19:30 (Intermediate Level)
-19:30~20:30 (Beginner Level)Venue– Multi-Purpose Hall at the KCCUK

Minimum Age: 18 years & over

– 10 Weeks
11th Sept – 13th Nov 2014
-18:30~20:30Venue– Seminar Room at the KCCUK

Minimum Age: 18 years & over

– 10 Weeks
10th Sept – 12th Nov 2014 -18:30~20:30Venue– Seminar Room at the KCCUK

Minimum Age: 18 years & over*All courses are free but Jogakbo students will have to pay for materials needed for class

Application for these courses are now OPEN and did we mention that all courses are free, although those taking the Jogakbo course will need to pay for the materials required in class. These courses will run from September to November 2014 and are an excellent chance for you to take part and get a hands on experience with aspects of Korean culture not normally available in the UK! Details of courses and how to apply below:

Please ensure applications are received by:
***1st September 2014***

All application forms must be received by this time, any applications received after this deadline will not be taken into consideration, so if you plan to post in your application, please allow delivery time!

Application form: Download from the KCCUK link HERE.
(Bottom of page titled Attached file, there is a separate form for each class, when filling out the form for the Gayageum course, please ensure you fill out and submit the correct level form!)

You can either email, fax, post or hand in your application form to the KCCUK:

Email: info@kccuk.org.uk  /Fax: +44 (0)20 7004 2600

In person or post: Korean Cultural Centre UK,
Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW

Good luck to all applicants! If you are a 2014 Spring student, please do let us know if you’ve written any posts or taken any photos of your experience so we can share with our readers :)

Our free painting course, ‘Minhwa’ refers to the Korean folk painting of mythical and magical figures and other objects in a plain, straightforward and naive style often representing health, happiness and scenes from everyday lifeKCCUK


This Gayageum Course will present a delightful journey into the traditional music of Korea where students will learn typical musical scales and various playing techniques. This course consists of two different level courses, beginner and intermediate level – KCCUK

Image credit to KoreanFilm.co

Image credit to KoreanFilm.co


Sources: Korean Essentials, Studio Jogakbo

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