National Folk Museum of Korea: André Kim Exhibition

London Fashion Week is once again upon us, showing us what’s to come Spring/Summer 2015. With a growing number of Korean designers in the LFW line up, we thought we would take a look at Korea’s greatest, Korea’s first male fashion designer, André Kim.


Held inside the National Folk Museum of Korea situated at Gyeongbokgung is a very special exhibition in honour of the late Fashion Designer. André Kim had been in fashion design since 1962 at the age of 27 where he opened Salon Andre in the centre of Seoul and in 1966 he became the first South Korean to hold a fashion show in the fashion capital of Paris. André Kim is a legend in the fashion industry and when he passed away in 2010, his death was described as the loss of a Korean fashion icon.


Comprising of a selection of the 126 pieces donated from UNICEF Korea and André Kim Design Atelier, this exhibition covers André Kim’s work from 1990 to 2010. Here you will see many of André Kim’s signature evening gowns and wedding dresses demonstrating his flair for the bright, bold yet traditional fused with futuristic aesthetics, as well as everyday ensembles that still heavily embodies André Kim’s extravagant style.



As mentioned before, the collection consists of over 126 pieces but these are rotated between three different exhibitions throughout the year. This year we went during April and caught the return of the first exhibition featuring 18 garments which included André Kim’s iconic seven layers dress. As well as the beautiful gowns, many of André Kim’s notes, sketches, fashion show pamphlets as well as clips from his many successful catwalk shows are also on display.

If you have a passion for fashion we really recommend heading to the National Folk Museum of Korea. It’s an amazing museum that is informative and extensive, one trip is no where near enough to absorb all of Korea’s rich history, we’ll definitely be returning and hopefully we’ll be able to see some new and different pieces from the André Kim Garment Collection.

Approximate dates of exhibitions:
1st Exhibition: April 24 – August 26
2nd Exhibition: August 28 – December 23
3rd Exhibition: December 25 – April 21

Closest subway stations: Anguk Station, Gyeongbokgung Station or Gwanghwamun Station. For more travel and general info on the National Folk Museum of Korea visit their website



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