KCCUK Exhibition: Lee Bul

Lee Bul KCCUK London Korean Artist infinity mirrors

The UK Korean Cultural Centre has classed Lee Bul as their artist of the year and allowed the abstract artist to completely transform the KCCUK exhibition area. This is one exhibition not to be missed!

Lee Bul will be holding her first UK Solo show at the Ikon gallery in Birmingham which displays many of the artists early drawings, studies, sculptures and well-known ambitious installations. Lee Bul’s exhibition at the Ikon gallery is part of a retrospective world-wide tour which has visited Tokyo, Seoul and Luxembourg beforehand.

To coincide with the Ikon gallery exhibition, the KCCUK will be presenting a variation of Lee Bul’s ambition architectural installation Diluvium which was first presented in 2012. The original exhibition featured wooden segments of differing heights and gradients constructed on steel platforms, all put together to create a surreal looking and uneven floor.

… to navigate the piece is as if the artist has invited the audience on a pilgrimage through her maverick artistic journey. When the visitor wanted to take a close look at the models and drawings hung at the rear end of the exhibition space they had to consider their route and so place some effort into arriving at the intended point – Je Yun Moon KCCUK Curator

Lee Bul KCCUK London Korean Artist

The platforms at the KCCUK have a slight twist from the original exhibition in that everything, and we mean absolutely everything from walls to functioning fire exits have been carefully covered in a mirror-effect vinyl. Don’t worry, the fire exits remain fully functional, they just look a lot more awesome and futuristic now. By being covered in this reflective material, it is said that it blurs the distinction between space and sculptures. It also recreates the infinity mirrors often used in Lee Bul’s previous architectural installations.

The idea of this installation, like the original 2012 Diluvium, is for visitors to make their own unique path through the exhibition to discover Lee Bul’s scale models at the end of the exhibition. You are encouraged to climb up onto the uneven platforms and explore the whole exhibition area as the whole site has become a piece of art.

The KCCUK intensifies a weary feeling about the failed promises of utopias, a theme that constantly re-appears in Lee Bul’s practice – Je Yun Moon KCCUK Curator

Whether you are an art enthusiastic or not, the Lee Bul exhibition is a must see as the KCCUK exhibition has been completely transformed into a futuristic, cyborg like zone. We’ve visited the site many times but it is now completely unrecognisable and absolutely fascinating. This exhibition is fun and reflective (pun intended) and allows you to get interactive as you duck and ‘dive’ amongst the silver ribbons.

The Lee Bul exhibition will be on at the KCCUK from
13 September – 1 November, 2014

For more information visit the KCCUK website
Please note the KCCUK is closed on Sundays

If you’re in the midland area, make sure you check out the Birmingham Ikon gallery which features many of Lee Bul’s sculptures and architectural pieces. If you though the KCCUK exhibition was out of this world, wait until you enter the Ikon gallery!

Lee Bul’s first UK Solo show will be at
Ikon Gallery Birmingham from
10 September — 9 November 2014

For more information visit the Ikon gallery website

Lee Bul KCCUK London Korean Artist 1

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