UKISS London Concert 2014


UKISS celebrated their 6th anniversary last month and after a 6 years wait for quite a number of UK UKISS fans (known as Kissmes), we finally get the chance to see the group perform live in our capital city. On 24th September 2014, UKISS performed at The Forum and we all got a chance to meet Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, Hoon, Kevin and new Maknae member Jun which many people have called the bias ruiner (Kpop fans will understand).

Before we talk about the concert we just wanted to mention the amazing European Kissmes. In the run up to the concert, a UK Facebook group was created and many fans clubbed together to start glowstick projects, teeshirts, learn fan chants, help each other with information and in getting to the venue. Kissmes are very supportive of the group and each other; the solidarity is admirable. If you are a UKISS fan make sure you join Kissme UK, the group was created for the UK concert but had Kissmes from all over Europe and a few from America too! Even after the concert they are still keeping in touch with new found friends, sharing stories and photos.


We have to say the UKISS concert was not quite as lavish as the previous Kpop concerts, but with the charming UKISS on stage, you don’t really need anything else. For us UKISS were always about the dancing and to see them perform their epic and energetic dance routines live was mind blowing and you really come to appreciate the power and super in-syncness of the boys. They are one of the most synchronised Kpop groups out there and it’s quite a feat as their routines always feel extra intricate and intense. This was especially evident after Neverland, one of the most energetic choreographies ever, they were all breathless by the end of it but quickly composed themselves so they can start talking to the fans.


When it comes to UK Kpop concerts, it’s always a lot better when there are English speaking members as the banter becomes a lot more fun, interactive and the whole concert feels so much more intimate with your favourite groups. In UKISS they had Kevin and Eli who are native English speakers and the concert had a lot of talk time with the audience. UKISS are amazing at interacting with their fans, Eli even recognised the fans he bumped into at Topshop the day before!

The night started with Stop Girl (in the name of looooove), our favourite UKISS song with our favourite dance routine of all time. It was beautiful and a brilliant opening to the night as all the fans sang along to the chorus. At the concert we were treated to a mix of their dance tracks and ballads, a very wise choice as it means UKISS got to have a breather between their demanding and vigorous dance routines. UKISS even performed their Japanese track Forbidden Love which the UK audience went crazy for as well as getting the whole venue to join in with Manmanhani. Although they didn’t perform their latest track Quit Playing which is rather racy and probably not appropriate for the younger UK crowd.


We have to say, we missed Dongho who left the group last year. When UKISS started performing 0330 it was an especially emotional moment. But Jun showed he was more than worthy to fill in the massive gap Dongho left. We’re sure Jun gained many new fans on the night with his cuteness. This was also the first time we got to see Jun perform as well as how he was incorporated into the older songs. We too have fallen quite in love with the new UKISS Maknae and can’t wait to see more from him.

Major fan service: Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli and Hoon show they have just as much aegyo as Jun. We couldn’t capture Kevins or Juns :(

UKISS are proper charmers and constantly complimented the UK audience throughout the night. Yes we know we’re beautiful and fabulous, but we’re sure you say that to all your audiences. They sang Kissme Forever, the track dedicated to their fan base and even asked us to teach them some typically British slang and we hope they remember what the Kissme fam taught them on the night, brap brap!

Compared to previous concerts the night was very short but the constant love and affection from UKISS to their fans made it one of the most memorable Kpop concerts we’ve been to. You can really see the love and utter affection UKISS have for their fans, one very lucky Kissme from South Wales was specially selected to get on stage and received enough hugs from UKISS to last a lifetime! (So much skinship from Soohyun!)


We have to say although this wasn’t the biggest Kpop concert, it was definitely the most fun we’ve had. There were a bit of pushing towards the front of the crowd, but most UK Kissmes were just out to have a good time, dance and sing along. The whole night had a great atmosphere and we could really feel the togetherness and closeness of the Kissme community. UKISS are amazing, talented and every bit loving. We really felt their appreciation that night and although they don’t have the biggest fan base in Kpop, you can see why their fans are so dedicated to this under-appreciated group.

We really hope that UKISS would come again. Although we heard that there were a few problems and disappointments with the meet and greet, the night felt really successful and everyone left with MASSIVE smiles on their faces :)

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