KCCUK:Contemporary Korean Silversmithing & Jewellery

25 November 2014 – 10 January 2015

Korean Cultural Centre UK,
1 – 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW

As the Korean Cultural Centre is transformed back after the epic Lee Bul installation in time for London Korean Film Festivals screenings and talks, there’s a very special exhibition to look forward to towards the end of November. For the remaining months of 2014, the KCC will be holding an exhibition focusing on Contemporary Silversmithing and Jewellery (sort of keeping with Lee Bul’s silver theme).

Korean Jewellery

This exhibition will feature work from Yunsun Jang, Kyosun Jung, Hee Young Kim, William S.H. Lee, Misun Won and Min Yoo. We’re not very familiar with Korean Silversmithing and Jewellery but are keen to see what pieces will be selected for display at the Korean Cultural Centre.

Many would recognise the very iconic shape on the exhibition poster and yes it is a Moon Jar but with a twist! This Moon Jar which is actually in silver rather than the traditional porcelain is courtesy of William S.H. Lee. Winner of the Young Designer Silversmith Award in 2003, Lee says he is inspired by oriental traditional philosophy and on his website williamshlee.co.uk, you’ll also see other traditional shapes in his collection such as the maebyeong vase but with the William S.H. Lee silver twist!

Kyosun Jung is also a winner of the Young Designer Silversmith Award and won the award last year in 2013. A student at the University of the Creative Arts in Rochester, Kent, she won the award with a very elegant and beautifully engraved sake set that consisted of a flask and stopper with a bamboo and wenge tray. Her pieces look very luxurious and you can have a little sneak peek on her website kyosunjung.com. There are also a few jewellery pieces so we can’t wait to see what pieces she’ll display at the KCCUK exhibition.

Hee Young Kim is a jeweller who graduated from the infamous Central St Martins College of Art and Design, so we’re expecting some fabulous and fashionable pieces at this exhibition. Hee Young Kim’s jewellery pieces are very different and unique but still feels very wearable. For her latest collections, she favours straight lines and perfect 90 degree angles making the pieces all very clean cut, sleek and minimal. For her collection “A constructed way” she said “I have continued to explore the inner hidden spaces everyone has” which gives all her pieces interesting shapes and have resulted in many saying her pieces look almost like very chic floor plans. You can see galleries of Hee Young Kim’s collections on her website: heeyoungkimjewellery.com.

Another Jeweller on the list is Misun Won who unlike Hee Young Kim prefers to work with circles. Educated in Edinburgh and winner of a gold award for Fashion Production Jewellery in Goldsmiths’ Craftsmanship & Design Award in 2008, Won’s collection features intricate designs which consists of lots of little silver discs. The way Won puts her pieces together make them look very different from your usual silver jewellery, all the little discs are clustered together to create very beautiful silhouettes and the way all the different discs catch the light make them feel almost like fluffy snowballs. Some of Won’s pieces are even on sale on her website Misunwonjewellery.com so make sure you check it out.

That is all the information we have so far but the exhibition is looking very cool already. This will be a very different kind of exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre and we can’t wait to see what pieces will be on display for the final weeks of 2014. This exhibition opens on the 25th November and there will also be a very special opening night event in the evening. For more information visit the KCCUK website.


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