DVD Bang in London

DVD Bang Logo

DVD Bang – Science Fiction Special

21 – 30 November 2014

10 Baylis Road, London SE1 7AA

Private Cinema • Bar • DVD Shop • 24 Hour Weekends

Late Night Weekdays • Screening Room £18.00

A program of rare East Asian Science Fiction cinema and cult classics all night. Neon lights, intimate darkness and Science Fiction.

What is a DVD Bang? DVD Bang (DVD 방) basically means DVD room and these can be found in South Korea such like PC bangs and Noraebangs (Song room aka Karaoke). It’s like a mini private cinema and is often used by couples rather than a group of people which of course can lead to a seedy reputation as discussed by our Sunbae at Kimchi Soul. But the DVD Bang is essentially a space for people to watch films in a private space, without worrying about the annoyingly loud popcorn muncher or that idiot checking their phone.

In South Korea you would pick a film either on a DVD or a computer depending on how hi-tech your DVD Bang is. You are then taken to a dark room with a screen where you can watch your film undisturbed. Snacks are available just like at the cinema and you can munch and slurp as loud as you want without worry.

The South Korean DVD Bang is a unique experience and one team has been working hard to bring this service to the UK. Team DVD Bang who has operated DVD rooms in Birmingham and London are back in the Capital again for a special Science Fiction season.

DVD Bang London Waterloo 2014

DVD Bang have converted a shop front by Waterloo into mini-cinema rooms where you can enjoy a selection of films either on your own or with friends. Screening rooms can hold up to 10 people and only cost a flat rate of £18 per room and you get the whole room to yourself for the duration of the film you choose. There are quite a few slots still available and they are also open 24 hours on weekends so if you want to stay out all night, this might be the warmer option as the British winter hits us!

You can pick the film you want to watch and there are a number of Korean and Japanese available for this Science Fiction Special including quirky I’m a Cyborg but that’s OK starring sexy Rain.

DVD bang films November 2014

This is a rare opportunity to experience a bit of South Korean bang (room) culture in London and will no doubt be a very different cinematic experience so don’t miss out!

To book, simply visit the DVD Bang website. And don’t forget to subscribe to their Facebook and Twitter for updates!

*images from DVD Bang Facebook page


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