LoKo presents Hallyu High

The London Kpop team are kick starting 2015 with a very special Hallyu stage for UK Kpop fans! After the success of their Kpop showcase in 2013, the London Kpop Dance Workshop (The LoKos) have been working hard on another showcase featuring UK Kpop fans for UK Kpop fans. At the last showcase we saw many talented individuals come together to show their passion for Kpop and this time it’ll be even more fun and fabulous!

Hallyu Stage Part 2: Hallyu High

Date: 17 January 2015
Time: Doors, 6pm – Show, 7pm

Location: Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, Bethnal Green,
London E2 6HG

Tickets: £8 for advanced – SOLD OUT
£10 on the door – first come first serve basis

Hallyu stage UK Kpop London Dance performance

Once again hosted by the hilarious duo KSpazzing, they’re here to help you dance away the January blues. Set in Hallyu High, the head boy and head girl of the school, KSpazzing’s Raph and Sabrina (obvs), takes a very nervous new student through the very cool school to learn about all the different sides of Kpop. So come along for the epic journey, and bring your family and friends and show them there is more to Kpop than Gangnam Style(come on folks, that’s soooooo 2012!).

Advance tickets have already sold out so make sure you come early to get a good seat. It’s guaranteed to be a fun night and a chance for you to see what the UK Kpop community is capable of. Come and support your fellow Kpop fans and the super awesome LoKo Team!

And if this show inspires you to put on your colourful sneakers and Boy London apparel and dance, don’t forget the the LoKos regularly host London Kpop Dance workshops. Make sure you subscribe to their Facebook page for updates!

Loko Kspaz Hallyu stage


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