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KCCUK Style Sharing Newsletter

The first London Fashion Week of 2015 will begin in 2 weeks and the Korean Cultural Centre has a very special showcase coming up. With more and more Korean designers featured in London Fashion Week, the KCCUK takes a look at the relationship between Korean and British styles.

International Fashion Showcase

< Style Sharing >
16 February 2015 to 4 April 2015
Korean Cultural Centre UK

Preview: 18.30 to 20.30, 16 Feb 2015
RSVP: info@kccuk.org.uk

< Style Sharing >

The Exhibition explores the symbiotic relationship between Korean and British styles. It will show the work of Korean designers who have been inspired by British life. The display will highlight distinctions between what can be conceived as ‘Britishness’ and what is known as ‘Hallyu’, Korean’s term for South Korean culture’s popularity in the West. The progressive features of a fast-paced Korea will be the backdrop; emphasising aspects of Korean culture that the British may not have appreciated have affected everyday life. The garments will showcase relationships between British and Korean fashions, revealing both how close but how diverse the nations are stylistically: blurring and contrasting the boundaries of fashion and culture.

After a very successful K-Fashion Odyssey series at the Korean Cultural Centre last year, this next fashion oriented exhibition is very much welcomed. Being one of the fashion capitals of the world, London sees a lot of students coming from all over the world to study fashion especially at the much coveted Central St Martins where London Fashion Week’s regulars J.JS Lee and Rejina Pyo studied.

It’ll be really interesting to see why London is the chosen destination for so many fashion students from South Korea. With both countries being known for their impeccable yet very different styles, it’ll be fun to see how the British lifestyle can affected ones fashion taste and designs. < Style Sharing > gives us a chance to see something new and refreshing; the results of what happens when our two cultures combine in the fashion world.

KCCUK Style Sharing

Style Sharing is a digital-fashion exhibition that highlights how innovations in technology, online interactivity and digital culture have affected the way diverse cultures share ideas and in turn inspire fashion.

The prestigious art schools in the fashion capital of London have enjoyed nurturing and showcasing Korean design talent for some years. This free exhibition brings together a selection of Korean designers who have either made their mark in London, or are newly established, ready to take the fashion world by storm.

The exhibition comprises seven South Korean designers, all educated in London, displayed alongside seven short films, directed by young British filmmaker Eoin Glaister. Designers include: rokh, J Moon, Heohwan Simulation, J KOO, Ha Sang Beg, Nayoung Moon and Hyunsoo Heather Park ~ KCCUK

There will be a special Preview event on Monday 16th February at 6:30pm, if you want to be one of the first to visit the exhibition then make sure you RSVP to KCCUK (email: info@kccuk.org.uk). We can’t wait for this new exhibition, to see all the new up and coming designers and beautiful fashion designs (that we probably can’t pull off…)

KCCUK Style Sharing Newsletter Preview

Curated By: Tory Turk


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