Studio Ghibli Exhibition – Seoul

Studio Ghibli Exhibition Seoul Spirited Away

Studio Ghibli Exhibition 스튜디오 지브리

DATE: On til 1 March 2015
(closed for Seollal on 19 February 2015)
TIME: Everyday 11am – 8pm
(Last entry 7pm)

TICKETS: Adults 15000won, Concessions 12000won
Group discount available

Directions: I’Park Mall – Yongsan Station, Subway Line 1
Find the sign for I’Park Mall from the main station (not the subway station). Once you get there, you should have hopefully entered I’Park Mall via the electronics department. There are tonnes and tonnes of counters selling cameras, don’t get distracted, look for the escalator in the camera section and go straight up to the 6th floor and you should see the Studio Ghibli exhibition right there. If not it’s between the book store and furniture department.

Studio Ghibli Seoul A2

Exhibition entrance

We’re pretty sure everyone has heard about the super awesome Studio Ghibli exhibition in Seoul right now and we have to say, it really is as magical as they said it would be. It’s on til 1 March 2015 so there is still time to visit the exhibition. If not, we hope our photos will be consolation.

We heard lots of stories of massive queues so we decided to go on a Tuesday morning and we waltz right in, no queues, no waiting for our number to be called. Inside there were only a few other families who were also enthusiastic photographers but even then there wasn’t much standing around and waiting, it was the perfect time to go.

Studio Ghibli Exhibition tickets Seoul Korea

If you do have to go at a peak time, be warned you will have to queue up to purchase your ticket (you may be able to do this online but the website seems to be in Korean only) then you will have to wait for your ticket number to be called before you can actually queue up to start going into the exhibition and then there will no doubt be queues to take photos because everything inside is sooooo cool and South Korea has a hardcore selca (selfie) culture; so you have been warned!

When you get your tickets you will also be given a blank white circle sticker where you can draw your own little design and add it to the wall. Can you spot our rather sexy Totoro.

Studio Ghibli stickers Seoul

No videos are allowed in the exhibition and we don’t know how to GIF but some of these exhibitions actuallyed moved. This Howl’s Moving Castle was so realistic and spectacular.

Studio Ghibli Howls Moving Castle 2

And it’s not just all big sculptures, along the wall are also lots of interesting props and “interactive” displays.

Howls moving Castle Seoul

The exhibition was really well thought out, making you feel like you’re re-enacting iconic scenes from your favourite Studio Ghibli films.

Getting lost with Mei in the forest…

Totoro Seoul 001 Totoro Seoul 002 Totoro Seoul 003

Wait up Satsuki!

Studio Ghibli totoro

Up close and personal with the scary Yubaba

Studio Ghibli Seoul Yubaba

Riding the train with the misunderstood No-Face

Studio Ghibli exhibition Seoul Korea No face statue

These are just some of the pieces on display at the exhibition. Some of the pieces use a clever mix of 3D objects and shadows. The props were amazing and so intricately put together. The attention to detail by the curators is truly magnificent.

Studio Ghibli exhibition Seoul Korea No face

We highly recommend this exhibition if you are a Studio Ghibli fan or if you have children of any age (or have a pulse in general). It was amazing and we’re not sure when or where this kind of exhibition will pop up again. We’re a bit sad that some of our favourite Studio Ghibli classics weren’t featured such as Laputa and Kiki’s Delivery Service but we got to stand at the bus stop with Totoro so that’s one childhood dream fulfilled.


Don’t forget to head to the front of I’Park Mall to see the Ponyo statue!

If you can’t make it to Seoul in time to catch the exhibition, we feel for you and we hope our Facebook Photo Album will be of consolation. You’ll be able to see all the pieces on display and in more detail too.

Studio Ghibli Exhibition ipark mall Seoul Korea

Studio Ghibli Exhibition Website


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