2015 KCCUK Workshops

KCCUK 2015 Kculture workshop

In the past, the Korean Cultural Centre in London has taught us many things. From the Korean language to Kpop, cooking to art, traditional crafts to how to play the Gayageum. They have truly spoiled us with all their free workshops, helping us to discover, learn and get hand-on with the beautiful South Korean culture.

2015 looks to be the most epic year yet with more workshops, more subjects and more fun to be had!

K-Cuisine Workshop

Firstly after the huge success of the K-Cuisine workshop last year, the KCCUK has brought it back giving all those who weren’t selected last year (i.e. us, yay!) a chance  to learn more about the delicious ways of Hansik. This workshop will also be the only  workshop not held at the KCCUK building and applications will be done on a weekly basis to ensure everyone gets a chance to participate *more info to be confirmed

Gayaguem: Korean Music
Every Wednesdays ~ 8 April to 10 June 2015
Beginner level – 19:00 to 20:00
Intermediate level – 18:00 to 19:00

Jogakbo: Korean Traditional Patchwork
Every Thursday ~ 26 March to 28 May 2015
Time – 18:00 to 20:00

The ever popular Gayageum classes are back along with last year’s edition Jogakbo. You can read more about what happens in these classes on this link although please make sure you check back to this post for this year’s full schedule!

Kpop dance
Every Friday ~ 27 March to 29 May 2015
Time – 18:00 to 20:00

Previously only available to Kpop Academy students, the KCCUK have now decided that everyone should be allowed to boogie and have introduced Kpop dance workshops open to everyone. (On a Friday evening as well!)

kccuk kpop 2015

Every Wednesday ~ 25 March to 27 May 2015
Time – 18:30 to 20:00

2015 also sees a lot of new Korean activities introduced. We are super excited to see that Taekwondo has been added!

KCCUK 2015 Kculture workshop Taekwondo

Seoyeh: Korean Calligraphy
Every Wednesday ~ 25 March to 27 May 2015
Time – 18:00 to 19:30

And for all those interested in the Korean language, the elegant Hangul alphabet in particular, here’s your chance to try your hand at some tradition calligraphy complete with fancy brush!

kccuk seoyeh calligraphy workshop

K-Culture Lecture * application on weekly basis
Every Thursday ~ 26 March to 28 May 2015
Time – 18:00 to 20:00

There will also be a series of K-Culture lectures running which will offer introductions to many Korean aspects, by the end the KCCUK will officially be calling you guys the K-Culture experts!

kccuk 2015 lectures

The Korean Cultural Centre staff will be crazy busy this coming spring with all these classes going on. But for all those interested in Korean Culture, this may possibly be the best year yet. You won’t be able to easily find the same kind of workshops so readily available even if you travel all the way to South Korea! And did we mention all workshops are FREE! (Although please note you will need to pay for materials used in Jogakbo classes).

Application for workshops is now OPEN!

And it’s super easy. Download the application form from: KCCUK website or request an application form from info@kccuk.org.uk then ensure you return your completed application forms by:

DEADLINE: 13 March 2015, 5pm

You can submit forms via
Email: info@kccuk.org.uk
Fax: 020 7004 2600
In person: KCCUK, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand

*please note applications for K-Cuisine workshop and K-Lectures are operated on a weekly basis, more information on that soon

Good Luck!


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